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Nancy S.

Professional writing services - timely and concise
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If you want your written work to read better and work better for you, you need a fresh pair of eyes and a sharp pencil. I have the competency and experience to find and avoid those minor errors that chip away at your professionalism and those major errors that undermine your credibility.

I have strong command of the English language and grammar. I am particularly adept at not only providing original content, but also doing rewrites of existing articles.

I also write quickly and can produce a volume of articles, especially in the 250-600 word range.
Service Description
My academic background has been in liberal arts, earning a bachelor's degree in business administration and a degree in economics. I went on to earn a master's degree in business economics.

My responsibilities in the corporate worlds included industrial marketing research, audits of capital expenditures and business planning and forecasting. I worked primarily with senior management and boards of directors.

I left the corporate world to form a partnership that did software consulting and development. I was responsible for sales, marketing, software documentation and management. In addition, I served on the board of directors of a non-profit foundation that provided low cost business planning and consulting services to small start ups in a major urban area.

I have developed expertise in business writing, reports, articles and research.

I offer my clients writing services that are concise and timely.

Paying attention to the focus of the assignment, the intended audience and the topic, my writing is delivered on time and to the client specifications.

DePaul University
Master of Business Administration
1972 - 1975
Elmhurst College
Bachelor of Arts
1964 - 1972
d'Anconia Enterprises
1999 - Present
As a partner in d'Anconia Enterprises, I continued the work of Liberty Integrative and expanded the offerings to include writing services.
QAD Software
Senior Business Analyst
1997 - 1999
A company in which I was a partner, Liberty Integrative, sold a component of an accounting system (fixed assets) to QAD for inclusion in its financial suite. My responsibilities included testing the software, developing a user manual and a training module that matched existing material.
Liberty Integrative
1990 - 1999
Liberty Integrative is a computer software and consulting firm. As a partner in the firm, I provided the marketing and sales support, along with developing user manuals and developing training programs for several accounting products - fixed asset and general ledger accounting along with work order entry and reporting.
Milwaukee & Santa Fe Railroads
Market analyst/cost accountant/corporate planner
1972 - 1982
Held positions as a market analyst, a cost accountant, corporate planner and business analyst
Payment Terms
I accept Elance escrow. Turnaround time is, of course, dependent upon the project, and it will always be competitive with other Elance providers. I expect agreement at the beginning of the project on its scope, time frame and charges. I expect to set with the client appropriate benchmarks and deadlines. I expect feedback from the client on a timely basis as those benchmarks are met. I expect two-way communication during the project.
Nancy S. | Elance

Nancy S.