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Nuno Salvador

Focused in developing iOS and web applications
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I am experienced in web development for 7+ years and in mobile development for 3+ years.
Worked in mobile projects for diversified business areas, such as book publishers, gaming, online broadcasters, banking, data gathering and interpretation, ...
Currently, im primarily focused in:
- iOS and OSX applications development solutions;
- Android applications solutions;
- WebDesign solutions;
Service Description
iOS Application Development Solutions and WebDesign solutions.

iOS Applications:
- Facebook and Twitter integration.
- iOS game development
- Media app
- SQLite database management.
- Video and audio oriented applications including AudioUnits.
- CoreData
- OpenGL ES
- QuartzCore
- UIKit,
- MapKit
- CoreGraphics
- CFNetwork
- AssetsLibrary
- StoreKit
- CoreLocation

Android Development:
Activities and fragments lifecycle
Backward compatibility implementations
Layout expert on supporting multiple display sizes
Full GAE and GCM integration

WebPage Development:
- Flash
- HTML, DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets along with HTML
- Oracle
Universidade do Minho
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Universidade do Minho
Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science
2013 - 2014
Centro de Computacao Grafica
Mobile developer for Android and iOS platforms.
2013 - 2014
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Nuno Salvador | Elance

Nuno Salvador