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Yasmin Ahmed

Google AdWords Certified Partner (9 Yrs Exp)
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Having worked in Google as an AdWords Specialist, I have thorough & in-depth knowledge in setting up, optimizing & successfully running AdWords campaigns right from scratch to restructuring existing campaigns.

Google AdWords is one of the best platforms to introduce your new business into the market or to promote your existing business. It gives an opportunity to businesses of any size to gain extensive online exposure within their budget & make the most of their advertising dollars.

Creating a successful well optimized campaign can be quite challenging & using professional help can save you time & costs involved in learning and implementing it yourself.

If you are ready to make a leap in your business, there is no better way to make money than by investing in Adwords which allows you to reach potential clients that otherwise would be unaware of your business.

If you require a specialist well versed with Google guidelines & can achieve your goals, feel free to contact me.
Service Description
Despite Google AdWords being a tremendous marketing medium, there are very few experts out there who understand the intricacies of AdWords and use the platform with the right optimization strategies and techniques.

I worked in Google as an AdWords Specialist and successfully optimized several AdWords accounts across different industries and niches. Creating, optimizing and successfully running a campaign is often more challenging than it sounds. Issues often arise with keywords being inactive, disapproved ads or keywords, high CPCs, limited ad exposure, targeting issues, keyword structuring and much more in addition to maintaining the account.

Having worked in Google, I have extensive knowledge in setting up, monitoring and successfully running AdWords campaigns right from scratch to restructuring existing campaigns using Google tools and techniques.

My services include:

1) Industry research - identifying your niche and the advertising potential in your niche.

2) Website analysis - thorough and detailed analysis of your products or services to create the most effective strategy for your campaign.

3) Target market - target market analysis to build out relevant and highly targeted keyword lists and ad texts.

4) Keyword research - thorough keyword research to get you highly targeted traffic and to maximize conversions.

5) Creating enticing ad texts - creating ad texts and variations, tweaking and testing them to maximize traffic, conversions and overall ROI.

6) Campaign structuring - campaign, ad group and keyword structuring to ensure success right from the start.

7) Bid management - assigning appropriate CPC bids so that you never pay more than necessary.

8) Weeding out irrelevant traffic to your website to attract only highly targeted visitors.

9) Increasing CTR and reducing your overall avg. CPCs significantly.

10) Campaign monitoring and maintenance to ensure continued campaign success and optimal performance.

11) Conversion tracking assistance

12) Campaign advice, suggestions and feedback

If you see tremendous value in the services being offered and are interested in giving your business an online boost with the right optimization strategies, please feel free to contact me.

Onsite and Virtual AdWords Training - For details, please contact.
St Francis College for Women
Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
Google Online India Pvt. Ltd.
AdWords Account Associate
2006 - 2008
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Yasmin Ahmed | Elance

Yasmin Ahmed