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Justin O.

Creative copywriter working across disciplines
   United States
  |   New York, NY
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Currently, senior copywriter at Prodege, the makers of Swagbucks.com


So, If I told you that a student campaign I once worked on turned into a client, a major campaign and resulted in winning over the creative rebranding of their entire business and a week long exhibition at the Art Directors Club , would you like to know more? What if I told you that one of their business' provides most of the wood for pencil companies all over the world. And what if I added that the original student ad was for a pencil.

I have a couple more stories like this.

The way I think can be explored at http://www.obercreative.com
Service Description
I am an independent creative / copywriter working across disciplines.

My objective is to make everyone money with the crazy ideas in my head.
Brandeis University
Continuing Education
School of Visual Arts
Continuing Ed
New School University
Swagbucks / Prodege
Senior Interactive Copywriter
2013 - Present
As Senior Copywriter I am responsible for the conceptual development and creative deliverables around the Swagbucks website and product line. These responsibilities include creating and communicating campaign ideas and concepts, implementing marketing strategies through creative communications and developing interactive branding/messaging solutions. I work with an awesome team of designers, Art Directors, information architects and product managers to bring these creative ideas to life. Responsibilities: Write copy for advertising promos, branding message, viral videos, pitch decks, site messaging, etc. Developing concepts and communicating ideas Direct response writing and carrying brand messaging across multiple channels Brainstorm with User Experience, Product and Marketing on how to convey appropriate messaging. Staying current on writing trends. Studying branding trends, commercials, print media, etc., for writing techniques.
Obercreative (formally MoPocket)
Freelance Creative Director / Copywriter
2011 - Present
Precision Research Group
Account Executive - Mobile/Telecom
2008 - 2008
When it comes to the mobile telecom space its difficult to find the talent you are really looking for. It
Rave Wireless
Mobile Evangelist
2006 - 2007
I am currently a Mobile Evangelist at Rave Wireless. I help with many aspects of the mobile application and execution on both a practical, technical and social means.
Edgemont High School
Assistant Debate Coach
2001 - 2006
Assistant debate coach for top 10 nationally ranked high school policy debate team. Prepared debaters for debate strategies and traveled with them to debate tournaments all over the country.
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Justin O.