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Obiora Embry is an experienced Web developer with a knack for solving problems and developing solutions, working on teams, and project planning He is an individual with professional experience as an engineer, teacher, tutor, writer, Web developer, and researcher. His background includes managing, developing, integrating, and modifying systems; quality control; and continuous improvement. His 9+ years of computer programming experience includes Perl (CGI and Catalyst MVC), PHP (including CakePHP, Yii, and OpenCart MVCs), MySQL, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.
Service Description
My computer programming experience has been diverse and I have included some of it below:

* As the lead developer at a multi-level marketing Internet ecommerce company built on OpenCart 1.5 I worked on over 40 projects. Some of them are below:

- Created command-line cron job for monthly sales challenge. Created report for viewing monthly contestants and approving their sales.

- Modified an OpenCart VQMOD to set up an electronic RMA system. Included adding jQuery functionality for progress bar on uploaded image(s).

- Rewrote and optimized financial calculations for downline (MLM) and added tabulated historical sales data popup.

- Added to existing functionality for uploading of profile image and this included cropping the image if larger than specified dimensions.

- Created OO PHP script to automate the uploading of files via FTP.

- Created a system for affiliates to manage and create parties along with addenda to administrator backend to edit party orders and assign coupon based on total party sales.

The projects have utilized some of the following technologies: MapQuest OpenData APIs, PayPal MassPay API, MySQL, PHP, mPDF, Barcode Generator, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, and CSS.

* As a contractor at 2Checkout, Inc. I worked individually and as an integral team player to add new features to systems including cron jobs and systems used by internal employees and sellers. In addition code was developed for new payment systems that incorporated the previously mentioned systems and the purchase system. Tools included Perl, Catalyst, Template::Toolkit, MySQL, git, jQuery, JavaScript, and Oracle VM Virtualbox.

* Created OO Perl modules to download and extract product data from a Web service. Administrator can login to modify categories for product that get retrieved, export CSV of products found and not found, and import CSV documents to retrieve additional product information.

* Developed content management system (CMS) for construction company.
Administrators can login and manage users and buildings. Users can view and modify buildings, which they have permission to access.

* Created script to parse Web page and extract emails. Developed online registration and sponsorships pages for local event. Created administrator backend to review, edit, and delete registrations and sponsorships, including PayPal details. In addition, added functionality to add online resources for each workshop and track for the three days. Tools included PHP, MySQL, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PayPal ExpressCheckout API, Perl/CGI, and CPAN modules.

* Created a dynamic questionnaire for U.S. federal tax returns. The questionnaire had 2 different branches based on the response to the first questions and subsequent questions were displayed dynamically depending on the response to the previous question. At the end of the questionnaire, users could submit a bid, which was processed using PayPal's Authorize and Capture API. Only if the user completed the survey would their responses
be saved, and an email was sent to site administrator along with responses of user. Tools included OO PHP, (X)HTML, CSS, MySQL, jkl-parsexml (AJAX library), and jQuery (Progressbar and Popup).
University of Kentucky
2002 - 2003
University of Tennessee
Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering
1997 - 2003
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