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OnGraph Technologies Private Limited

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About the Company

OnGraph Technologies is a niche web and mobile applications development company based out of India.

A truly all star team, our developers and managers bring extensive industry and academic experience, having worked in top companies of the world in their previous professional experience.

We strongly believe in taking accountability and provide 100% business value to our clients by guaranteeing results.

We believe that effective communication is the key to any project success and we execute it really well, with our delivery managers having extensive experience working with global companies.

We are highly cost effective and staff people at rates starting from 8 USD per hour till 30 USD per hour, depending on the project/skills needed.

Ask us for a relevant portfolio example or brief case studies and it might convince you further on why we can be the best and most cost-effective team to execute your next project!

Service Description
We breathe Web Development, iPhone/iPad development, Android development and Content Management Systems. Please see details for each of the 4 main focus areas of ours.

1) Web Development
We have deep expertise and experience in building world class web applications, meeting highest quality bar, with cross-browser compatibility and standards compliant. We are one of the fastest adopters of latest cutting edge technologies and trends in the area of internet applications development.

Our web developers bring experience from some of the world's best known internet companies of the world. Be it latest technologies like Ruby on Rails, Groovy Grails, Python-DJango or the good old Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP, Java/J2EE or .NET, we have a talented team that would fit your needs. Finding it hard to find some nerdy jQuery developers who can write some serious object oriented JS code like they are coding it in Java? We might be a sweet place to stop by and stop worrying!

Does cloud computing give you a kick? We are one of the few companies in India who adopted and built expertise in all of Amazon's cloud based offerings (EC2, Simple Queue, Workflow, Simple Email, Elastic) when they were just being evolved.

Range of technologies/platforms that we work across :-

a) Ruby on Rails
b) Groovy Grails
c) Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Webservices
d) .NET, Windows Foundation Classes
e) Linux/Windows, Apache, PHP, MySQL
f) JavaScript, JQuery, Prototype, YUI
g) Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, ActionScript, Flash
h) XHTML, CSS 2.0/3.0
i) HTML5
j) Photoshop, Illustrator
k) Amazon EC2, S3, EBS
l) FB/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google APIs

2) iPad/iPhone Development
Ongraph is one of the very few early adopters of iOS/Mac specific technologies in India, right from the time when this revolutionary device/platform was introduced to the world. Over the past few years, we have built extensive experience and expertise building world class iPhone and iPad applications for a range of industries/domains like retail, construction, healthcare, transportation, eCommerce, gaming, business productivity, publishing, social media to name a few.

We breathe AGILE when we work on application projects. We work very closely with our clients to understand their needs and understand their mind-map for the concepts that they wish to bring to the device. We consult them so that leverage/appeal of the device is well understood and advise them closely on what would work best in terms of building a rich and stable and great performance application. We work right from design to development and ultimately bring the applications live on the app store.

Range of our iPhone/iPad applications can be seen across areas like :-

a) Native iPhone/iPad functionality for audio/video recording and video comparison.
b) Integration with Social Media (Facebook/Foursquare/Gowalla/Twitter/YouTube)
c) Integration with REST/XML based web services.
d) Gaming
e) iOS SDK and Objective C
f) XCode and Interface Builder
g) Instruments Testing and Memory Leak prevention
h) OpenGL and Open AL
i) Audio Video Foundation Framework and Queues Management
j) Media Player Framework
k) Quartz and Core Animation
l) GPS and Location frameworks

3) Android Development
Ongraph is one of the very few early adopters of Android and BlackBerry development platforms in India. We have built extensive experience and expertise building world class Android and BlackBerry applications for a range of industries/domains like retail, construction, eCommerce, gaming, business productivity, publishing and social media to name a few.

We understand the platform to the depth and our built applications have used core native functionality to using off-the-shelf components to building impressive custom animations/user-experiences. We have a mammoth experience developing in Java/J2EE as a platform and our core knowledge allows our team to build and instrument really involved applications in the area.

Range of our Android/BlackBerry applications can be seen across areas like :-

a) Audio/video recording and video comparison
b) Integration with Social Media (Facebook/Foursquare/Gowalla/Twitter/YouTube)
c) Integration with REST/XML based web services.
d) Gaming
e) Memory Leak prevention
f) GPS and Location frameworks
g) Custom Animations
h) CRM Integrations

4) Content Management
We provide customized CMS development solutions that are built keeping all specific business needs into consideration. We have extensive expertise in the domain and have deployed large scale content management systems for domains like retail, healthcare, hospitality, travel, leisure, technology, fashion, publishing, marketing, media to name a few.

We strategically advise our clients on the availability and use of off-the-shelf free and paid modules/plugins/components available, in order for them to get up and running faster and at lower costs of development. At the same time, we are strong contributors to the community and have strong experience in building custom plugins/modules/components as well to meet very niche/specfic needs of businesses which might not be available off-the-shelf. This allows us to provide a very comprehensive CMS based solutions to our clients to meet their demands of managing complex data processes and data flows.

Range of our CMS projects are built across platforms mentioned below :-

a) Expression Engine
b) Joomla
c) WordPress
d) LightCMS
e) Drupal
f) Text Pattern
g) Soho Launch
h) Mojo Motor
i) CS Cart
j) Magento Cart
k) Interspire Cart
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Payment Terms
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20% released after First Milestone Delivery
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20% released after Final Delivery
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