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Ooi L. Lee

EN | Malay | Chinese Translator, Writer
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I write with passion, and have published essays and short stories in various Malaysian newspapers for over a decade. Press and media in China had republished several of my essays online (see my portfolio).

Besides than publishing works in Chinese, I am also skilled in English/Malay to Chinese translation. With 6 years of experience assuming position as Journalist and International News Translator in Sin Chew Daily, a top Malaysian Chinese Daily, I am well trained to convey information accurately and reader-friendly.

Chinese is my native language; I am fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and Hakka; master in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters.

Similarly, my past time hobby of exchange letters with pen-pals worldwide for years, including Austria, England, USA, Turkey, Israel, Japan and Hong Kong had provided an excellent platform for me to understand worldwide cultures from the perspective view of ordinary people.
Service Description

English to Simplified Chinese
English to Traditional Chinese
Malay to / from Chinese
Bahasa Indonesia to Chinese

1) Translating: Current News, Press Release, SEO Content and General Topics

2) Translating and Rewriting
Rewrite official press release into interesting first hand event report, with the help of on-the-scene photos.

3) Proofreading, Quality Check and Text Revisions: Chinese

4) Writing (Chinese). Common writing genres:

News Commentary/Analysis
Travel Notes
Dialogue of a Conversation among Two or More People
Short Stories (below 2,000 words)
Adventure Magazine Story
Review for Movie, Book, or TV Program
Newspaper or Magazine Feature/Human Interest Story

I am also interested to discover new writing genre, and is always open for discussion.
University Malaysia Sabah
French Language Level I-IV
Awarded: 2004
University Malaysia Sabah
Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Economics
- 2005
Translator, Rewriter, Writer
2011 - Present
Sin Chew Daily
Translator (International News Desk)
2005 - 2011
**Translate international news (English > Chinese). **Write a weekly current affairs commentary column. ** Monitor and pick up news from news agency such as AP, AFP & Reuters, the Daily Mail and BBC etc.
Payment Terms
Preferably Escrow: funding of Escrow before I start working.
Anke Schröter
Evertiq New Media AB, Editor-in-Chief
Translate and edit electronics news from English into Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
Ooi L. Lee | Elance

Ooi L. Lee