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Creative agency for fashion, luxury and lifestyle
   Hong Kong SAR, PRC
Hong Kong

About the Company

OOJAH is an multi-discipline creative agency that does everything. We offer you the perfect solution to contemporary and exciting aesthetic solution for every special request. From branding, advertisement and graphic design to campaign concepts, art direction, exhibition curation and artistic projects, we welcome all challenges!
Industry Experience:
Consumer Goods, Consumer Services, Retail, Wholesale, Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment, Other
Service Description
We have vast experience in
- branding
- art direction
- concept development and production
- photography and campaign designs
Our strong suit also includes illustration, exhibition design and many more.

Our team consists of individuals with strong personal taste, thus our designs are always unique and exciting.

We work especially well with unconventional and high-end clientele. Our past clients include high profile theatre studio and their productions, and obscure fashion labels.
Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department
Hong Kong Business Registration
Awarded: 2011
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
All quotation has to be confirmed within 2 week of issuing. Oojah has the right to update quotation after the aforementioned period.

Invoice will be issued when quotation is confirmed.

The total price as marked on the invoice shall be paid and by the client in the following manner:

1. A deposit of 30% of the Total Price has to be paid by the client to Oojah within 7 working days upon signing hereof, unless indicated.

All jobs listed in description (including drafting and further researching) shall start upon receiving the deposit.

2. 40% of the Total Price shall be paid to Oojah upon confirming the draft as further payment.

3. The balance of the Price in sum of 30% of the Total Price shall be paid to Oojah upon completion of the work within 7 working days.

4. Additional colour proofs or prototypes, if required, shall be provided at cost.

5. Cost of any delivery/pick up (if required, including colour proofs, prototypes, final product, etc.) is excluded from the Total Price and is subject to courier charges, unless indicated.

- We accept bank transfer, cheque and PayPal. Please require for payment information.

- Client paying from overseas, and/or in currencies other than Hong Kong dollars are responsible for all transaction and exchange fees.

- Because of bank charges,

1. a 3.4% surcharge is included in the Invoices for all credit card / Paypal payments.

2. a surcharge of HK$10 or HK$50 are subjected to each local bank transfer or each overseas bank transfer respectively.

Cancellation must be undertaken before signing the Invoice. After the Invoice is signed, option of cancellation is unavailable and the project will be charged in full.

Oojah shall retain the copyright in all artwork. Clients are entitled to their respective end products.

Client is responsible for proofing all material and is also responsible for the legality of all material provided to Oojah.
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