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Theresa H.

Freelance Publishing Services
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I am based in London, United Kingdom and have been providing freelance independent publishing services since 1993.

My clients are typically looking to outsource work where:

*specialist typesetting knowledge of a particular software package is required;
*knowledge of specific publishing method is required, such as database or XML publishing;
*expertise in producing long or complex material;
*re-purposing documents into electronic format such as pdf and ePUB.

I am able to provide services on the PC and MAC platform and possess many years experience in a wide range of page layout and graphic programs. I have expert knowleadge of Indesign and Adobe Design suite, Quarkxpress, Framemaker, Ms Word and Office suite.

Many of my clients come from a non-publishing background so I also provide the support needed in understanding and developing the processes and can offer training. I take into account client's knowledge and skill set, budget and printing methods required.

Service Description
I provide two main publishing support services:

:: Publishing support services ::
For publishers, publishing houses and consultants, corporate publishing, small businesses or anyone who is looking for assistance in getting material into print-ready or electronic format. I also provide publishing assistance in developing a publishing process which is cost-effective, efficient and manageable.


:: Technical authoring services ::
For technical development departments, research & development, manufacturers, translation companies, marketing or anyone who is looking for assistance in getting technical or instructional material into print-ready or electronic format. My clients are typically looking to outsource technical authoring work, localisation into other languages, or where specialist typesetting knowledge of a particular software package is required, such as Framemaker, Indesign, QuarkXpress, MS Word and Ms Publisher, or Corel Ventura.

:: Publishing support services include:

*Design, typesetting and dtp for books, magazines, newsletters, brochures, leaflets;
*Graphic design for books, magazines, trade directories, marketing collateral;
*Template design for whole range of publications, MAC or PC, most page layout and graphic programs;
*Database and XML publishing, design and typesetting for books, catalogues and trade directories;
*Electronic publishing to pdf, ePUB, iPad and Kindle.
*Publishing process design: custom-built toolbox including templates, process and script development, artwork preparation and output, instructions or training;

:: Design, typesetting and dtp
I provide design, typesetting and Dtp services for the following programmes: Quarkxpress and Indesign (including the Adobe design suite) on MAC and PC platform, MS Word, MS Publisher and Corel Ventura.

:: Graphic design
I provide a graphic design service for designing books, book jackets, magazines, brochures, leaflets and illustrations. Software used: Quarkxpress, Indesign, Framemaker, Corel Ventura, MS Publisher and MS Word.

::Template design service
A template is a kind of stencil for holding the layout, graphics and text elements on a page. The template can then be used to create additional pages which maintain a consistent style and formatting. Using templates maintains branding guidelines and speeds up page layout. Within a project, several templates may be used and combined with style Guide and process Guide, will save on production costs and time. Templates can be as rigid or as flexible as needed.

Templates can be built in Indesign, Quarkxpress, Framemaker, MS Word and Publisher. Template packs are useful for branding guides, books, directories and technical documentation. File formats can be converted between major programs and platforms.

I can offer a Publishing Toolbox which is a combination of templates, style guides, process guides made up of origination and production packs, and training if required.

Style guides include guidance and instructions on how to use the templates, a list of dos and don’ts, specific import or export instructions, typesetting rules, graphic placement rules, using numbering and cross-referencing, adding markers etc.

Process guides is made up of a production pack and/or an origination pack for authors, editors and illustrators. The production pack is made up of templates, guidelines, software settings and process instructions. The origination pack is for authors, editors and illustrators. It contains word processor templates, glossaries, guidelines on creation and format of content, checklists, asset sheets etc.

:: Database/XML publishing, design and typesetting
I provide database/XML publishing services using Quarkxpress, Indesign, Framemaker and Corel Ventura. Content can be provided from databases such as Access or Mysql, but I can also work with spreadsheets and XML.

Database publishing is ideal for creating long volumes of complex data such as reference books, trade directories and catalogues. It provides fast means of getting content into print ready and electronic format with little additional manual formatting required, thus reducing production time and costs.

:: Electronic books
As more clients are producing books using XML, and the advent of the iPad and e-readers, I can now combine XML publishing with producing books in ePUB formats as well as in pdf.

:: Publishing process design
I can provide assistance in developing a publishing process which is cost-effective, efficient and manageable. Some sample services provided to clients include:

*Custom-built toolbox including templates, script development, instructions or training ;
*Template, process and script development, artwork preparation and output ;

Full process development for large publishing projects including:

*Origination: Word templates, style guides including glossary listings for use by authors and editors;
*Process development: page designs, templates including style sheets, scripts or scripting, third party plugins, import processes;
*Revision of current processes and templates, improving workflow and final adjustments;
*Page layout: style & page layout guides, checklists, instructions, training;
*Asset management and quality checking processes;
*Proofreading and page layout checklists.

:: Technical authoring services

I have many years experience in publishing technical manuals, user guides, installation and operating manuals and training handbooks. I am able to combine solid technical knowledge with the aesthetics of good design and usability. I work closely with engineers and marketing to ensure the publication meets the needs of the user as well as the branding needs of the customer.

Level of service
I take a pro-active approach to the services I provide and aim to offer a fast, accurate and reliable service. My processes in updating or creating new documentation entails gathering the right information from engineers, end users, customer services and marketing.

My experience is in manufacturing, IT and research. I also have experience in working with ATEX requirements for documentation.

My services include:
*Technical authoring using Framemaker (structured and unstructured), MS Word, Indesign, Quarkxpress and Corel Ventura;
*Technical writing and illustration, creating new documentation;
*Localisation, typesetting manuals in different languages.

I aim my services to be:

*Fast, accurate and reliable;
*Pro-active: I will ask questions, advise or make suggestions on publishing matters;
*Helpful and informative;
*Work as a partner: a little cliché but when I take a job on board I consider myself to be working with the same objectives as my clients;
*Independent: select the best tools for the job and budget.
Quark Corp
Train-the-trainers course
Awarded: 2007
Advanced Web site design with javascript
Awarded: 2000
London college of Printing
Book design
Awarded: 1993
London College of Printing
Book design
1992 - 1993
Loughborough University
BSc Engineering Physics
1980 - 1984
Optima Information Design
1993 - Present
Since 1993, we have been providing independent freelance publishing and design support services. Our clients range from traditional publishers, design agencies and art directors to clients who may have little direct experience in publishing or the necessary in-house skills, facilities or key personnel.
Payment Terms
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Theresa H. | Elance

Theresa H.