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Marketing Consultant/ Advertising Copywriter
   United States
New Orleans
  |  7:31 pm Local Time

About the Company

In this over saturated, 500 TV channels, e-mass, twittered world -you need concise, clear copy that moves your offer beyond the clutter to the top of mind of your prospects and customers.

In this global gotcha economy you need guerilla marketing ideas that afford you the ability to stay afloat in the changing environment.

In a world that moves beyond light speed, you need fast work and even faster problem solving.

In search engine overload, you need relevant and well researched articles that will move up your page rank while keeping surfers on your web site.

Plus, once you've operated from inside a business as I did as a Director Of Database Marketing in the '90's, you learn firsthand how every facet of everything a company says and does has to be integrated, lock step into the advertising, marketing and public relations if you want to achieve consistent results.
Service Description
Response boosting copywriting for every project

University Of Southern Mississippi
Bachelor Of Science- Business Adminstration
1972 - 1976
F & B Distribution LLC
Owner/Operator Telecom Distribution
2001 - 2009
Clariti Telecom
Vice President of Marketing
1999 - 2000
Metrocall USA
Director Of Database Marketing
1992 - 1998
Jim Bowen Agency
Owner/Operator AD and PR Agency
1981 - 1992
Creative Telecommunications Marketing
Media Manager
1979 - 1981
Advertising Manager
1977 - 1979
Bauerline Advertising Agency Inc.
Production Assistant
1976 - 1977
Year Founded
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