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About the Company

Softgrad Solutions is fair and reliable development business partner.
For more than 10 years Our company provides professional software development service.
We always keep up with modern technologies and best work practice. At the moment we glad to offer our help with:
C#, .Net, MS SQL, PHP, MySql,
Backbone, Angularjs, Ember, grunt, Middleman, Twitter Bootstrap,
HTML5, CSS3, semantic markup,
pixel perfect
Node.js, Express, Redis, MongoDB, Jango, Ruby, Ruby on Rails
Razor, MVC, WebAPI, Owin, Windows Azure
Service Description
SoftGrad Solutions headquartered in Rostov-on-Don, business and scientific capital of South region of Russia. Our company provides high-end offshore software development services and Web design solutions at excellent rates. We have established a team of extremely qualified professionals who understand the meaning of quality and dedicated to idea provide the best possible service to our customers. We are very flexible in our software development process and always try to accommodate to our customers needs. We are committed to making a long-term relationship with our clients so we endeavor to be a one-stop source for all steps of software development process: strategy, architecture, development, implementation and support. We are experienced in continuing software development from any stage and performance tuning as well.
We have several customers which use our services on the permanent basis, and we are looking for find more clients. Especially very fruitful must be cooperation with local software development and support companies, which have own client base and support service. We could offer our development services and our partners could focus on strategic aspects of business and clients relations.

1) Web-Development

Well-conceived and planned websites are an integral part of every organization's communication needs. Offering an attractive, intuitive interface with a logical and easy-to-use navigation layout will make the difference between a happy visitor (and potential client) and a frustrated web surfer at your website.
Our team possesses extensive web development skills and expertise to help you establish your presence on the Internet.

Languages /Technologies: HTML5, PHP, ASP.NET, Web Services, JavaScript, VB Script, XML, XSL, HTML5, CSS3, semantic markup, pixel perfect

2) .NET Development

This technology .NET framework has hight level of interoperability with other languages, applications, and systems. Improves productivity by allowing developers to choose the programming language that best suits the project. Moreover, cross-language inheritance increases code reuse.
Languages /Technologies: C#, VB .NET, ASP .NET, ADO .NET, XML, XSLT, XSD

It is one of our strongest skills. Every our developers have good practical experience with all technologies listed here.

3) DataBase Development

Client-Server applications and n-tier architecture have always played a key role in operation of businesses. Ability to input, process, store, and access data from anytime, anywhere and any device is powering eBusinesses of today. We are specializes in development of high-end client-server applications with user-friendly interfaces and upgrading your corporate systems and applications. We will help you develop customized software applications and assist you thorough out the entire software development Life Cycle, including project management, systems analysis and design, software development, implementation and training. We have expertise in a wide variety of the latest programming language tools and platforms for client-server application.

Languages /Technologies: MS SQL Server, Azure, Oracle, My Sql, SQLite
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
Awarded: 2009
Microsoft Certified Professional Developer
Awarded: 2009
Microsoft Certified Partner
Awarded: 2007
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
Awarded: 2003
Microsoft Certified Professinal
Awarded: 2002
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
For orders upto $500 we prefer to be paid on completion of project.

For orders between $500 and $1000 we prefer to be paid half on advance and rest sum on completion of project.

For orders above $1000:
20% Advance (along with confirmation of the Order)
50% Delivery of different milestones until the Final Beta is delivered (All Major functionality developed)
30% Final Delivery (All major bugs fixed and final delivery exactly according to prescribed standards
Michael Lockhart
American Telephone and Utility Consultants, CEO
Softgrad Solutions developed new version of data driven software that works with IBM 3270 mainframe via secured connection. This experience has been amazing. I chose Softgrad Solutions because they took the time to understand the project before they even bid on it. From the very beginning to the very end, they proved to be professional, capable, knowledgeable, courteous, dedicated, and just plain outstanding. I must admit that was initially concerned about hiring a company offshore because of the language barrier, accessibility, etc. However, my contact person at Softgrad communicated in near perfect English so this was a non-issue and they logged in remotely much of the time for testing purposes on my network. Furthermore, they also provided me daily updates so the project was kept on track. I would highly, highly, highly recommend Softgrad Solutions!
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