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Peter and Rebecca Patrick-Howard

Making your life easier, one word at a time.
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"Rebecca is a VERY skilled writer, and needs very little direction. Just give her your idea, and she'll come back with something awesome"- Elance client.

Rebecca is an American ghostwriter, editor, and author with several Amazon bestsellers under her belt. Sheís written about everything from biodiesel to romance and although she hasnít combined the two topics (yet) sheís definitely game-if thatís what youíre looking for!

Peter is an Anthropology professor and proofreader, originally from England.
Together, we make up Creative Words. (We're also married. Rebecca claims he is the most expensive souvenir ever.)

You have a dilemma and we have the solutions! Whether youíre looking to have your autobiography written, you need your Great American Novel edited, you have a great idea for an ebook but donít have the time to put it together or youíre ready to quit your job and need the perfect goodbye memo...we're here for you.
Service Description
Rebecca Patrick-Howard is a successful author, editor, and ghostwriter. She is also a guest columnist for the Estill County Citizen Voice and Times. Books under her own name include:


Peter Howard has been a writer and proofreader for 10 years. Originally from England, he now makes his home in the USA. He received his BA and MA from the University of Wales and currently works as a professor at Eastern Kentucky University.

The good news is that with us you WON'T get any cookie cutter outcomes. We have developed a variety of styles and can adapt our services to meet your needs.


- Proofreading and copyediting
- Blog entries
- Query Letters for your publication
- News articles
- Reviews
- Resumes
- Travel reviews
- Travel itineraries
- Grant proposals
- Blurbs
- Brochures and advertisements

Subject matters we specialize in include:

- Ecotourism
- Work from home
- Parenting topics
- Education
- Religion (world religions and alternative religions)
- Travel & Tourism
- Appalachia
- Immigration information
- Country music (contemporary and the history of)
- Kentucky
- Coal mining
- The Great Depression
- World War II history
- Folklore
- Paranormal topics
- Urban legends
- Near Death Experiences (NDEs)
- Law of Attraction
- Survivalism


We generally have a short turnaround period. Unless stated otherwise, we include one revision for each article/review/blog entry that we write as part of our proposal price.

For a large project that is going to last more than 1 week, we prefer to break the project down into different milestones. However, this can be negotiated depending on the scope of the project.

We prefer to do the majority of our communication through the eLance workroom. We are open to e-mail communication as well, however, although we will still upload the e-mails to the workroom.

We do not work regular business hours, which is to say that we do not work from 9-5. In fact, we do most of our work at nighttime. Due to this and time differences, if you do need to get in touch with us by telephone then it is usually best to set up a time in advance. Another reason for this is that we live in the country and not every room in our house gets the same amount of reception so if we know that we are going to be speaking to a client on the phone we can make sure that we are in our office, close to good reception as well as our files.

We will respond to your workroom messages within 24 hours, except on the weekends and American holidays. Should you write to us on the weekend then you can normally expect a response Monday morning, although in some circumstances you will hear from us sooner.

University of Wales
MA Religion
2005 - 2009
University of Wales Lampeter
MA Ancient Myth and Society
2005 - 2007
University of Wales Lampeter
BA Ancient History
2002 - 2005
Eastern Kentucky University
BA Anthropology
1999 - 2002
Rucker Publishing
2007 - Present
- Proofreading - Editing - Working on non-fiction and fictional short story compilations, articles and novels.
Kentucky Press
2007 - Present
- proofreader - editor - manuscript formatting
Travel Reviewer
2005 - Present
- reviewer of international and domestic hostels - site photographer
Hazel Green Publishing
2004 - Present
- Proofreading - Basic Editing
Payment Terms
PAYMENT: All projects require that 100% of project fees be funded through Elance Escrow only before the start of any project. For those projects that are short term (a 30 day or less duration and less than $250 budget), the balance will be due upon completion. For projects that last longer than 30 days and have a budget of more than $250, a 25% down payment may be required.

PROJECT SCOPE: Project scope will be determined and agreed upon by both Client and Provider before work begins. Any additional work beyond that which is defined in the project scope will require additional payment and possibly a different milestone and deadline. This includes, but is not limited to, telephone communication that is not include in the original contract.

MILESTONES: For large projects, and those that require different parts such as multiple articles, milestones may be more appropriate. These milestones are open to negotiation, depending on your projectís needs, but the continuation of work may cease if Escrow is not released once the milestone has been met.

REVISIONS: A set number of revisions will be defined before work has started. Any revisions beyond the agreed upon number may require additional payments. Generally, in terms of articles ad blog entries, I offer one (1) revision per document.

COMPLETION OF WORK: I do not transfer rights to work until payment is made in full.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: I accept payment only through the Elance Escrow system. .

PHONE COMMUNICATION: For large projects (those with a budget of more than $250 and those that have a duration of 30 days or more) I include one 1 hour telephone call per week as part of my fees. Anything beyond that is subject to my hourly rates. Since I do not work traditional 9-5 hours and do much of my work in the middle of the night, it is necessary to pre-arrange most telephone communication in advance.

PRICES: Prices will be reflected in the project proposals. Generally speaking, however, my rates are $.15 per word. I will give careful consideration to those projects that are repeats, bulk jobs, or large in scope and can negotiate my rates accordingly.

If you pay us the entire amount upfront then we will give you a 10% discount on the proposal price. Of course, we also realize that most clients want to see a finished product before paying.

All estimates will be established beforehand and at your convenience. However, we place our bids based on the information that you provide in your project description. Should you require additional work that is not stated in the project description originally then we may need to renegotiate a new price.
Peter and Rebecca Patrick-Howard | Elance

Peter and Rebecca Patrick-Howard