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Panchabati LLC

Web-solutions with highest quality
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About the Company

So far, 270 projects delivered in Elance and counting.

We believe in long-term business relationship. We take limited number of projects at any given time ensuring a smooth delivery of each project. As opposed to delivering a quick and dirty patch-work, we will clarify the details of the requirement and deliver the right solution.
Service Description
Complete professional web-development solution. That means:
+ Website designs and implementation
+ Back-end development
+ Software architecture
+ Algorithm development

We work on both Linux (Php, MySql) and Windows (ASP, .NET, VB, C#, SQL, MS-SQL) environment.

In addition,, Facebook, Twitter, Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Python, Django, Scraping.

Definitely, Ajax, CSS, Javascript, JQuery etc are within our expertise.

We perform high-quality website-designs.

We have delivered several significant-sized projects. In those projects, the development cycle took between 3 months and 6 months.
Jeff Reyes (Owner of New Color)
Software Developer
2014 - Present
Jeff from "New Color" hired Panchabati LLC to develop their company's price quoting software application. This software is expected to be very important for their business-flow. The project was delivered smoothly and before the promised deadline. Based on the project delivery, Jeff gave the following testimonial - very easy and great to work with, I would recommend using them to work on your Projects, everything went smooth and finished project before deadline!
David Curtis
President, RF COAX INC
2011 - Present
We have been working for David for almost a year. We were honored to convert his vision to a software by developing an extensive web-based solution for his business. We are continuing to work with him on this application to make it more powerful.
Bridget Evanson (owner of Frame Fetcher)
Software Developer
2014 - 2014
Bridget Evanson, the owner of Frame Fetcher, hired Panchabati LLC to develop their website that has a complex database. The project was done in multiple phases. The project took about 3 months and were delivered smoothly. Based on the project delivery, Bridget gave this testimonial - "Wow! So impressed. Very happy with Sachi's work on my website. He was very professional and understood quickly the direction I wanted to go with my website. His communication was very prompt regarding status updates and responses to my questions. I look forward to working with Sachi in future endeavors."
Mark McNett
Chief Financial Officer
2013 - 2014
Mr. Mark McNett from Children's Alcohol, Rehabilitation and Education, Inc. hired Panchabati LLC to develop a web-based database-intensive application for his non-profit organization. First phase of the project took about 3 months and was delivered smoothly. The work on the second Phase of the project is ongoing. Based on the project delivery, Mark gave us the following testimonial: ¿Entrusting your website, data, and dream to a programmer (especially one you only know on-line) can be daunting and disconcerting. However, Sachi made the entire experience rewarding and enriching. He worked very closely with me and always met my needs. In fact, he went above and beyond. I can give him my highest recommendation."
Maxwell Keeler (Vice President, The Motley Fool)
Vice President, Business Processes
2011 - 2011
Mr. Keeler from "The Motley Fool" ( hired our team to develop a web-based application for their company. That application required database-intensive operations and integration with facebook. We successfully delivered and Max left the following feedback for us in the Elance System: “A pleasure to work with. Did a good job with a challenging project.” I look forward to working with him again in future.
Adriano Galvao (Vice President, Sylver Consulting)
Web Developer (through Elance Project)
2011 - 2011
Adriano Galavo (Vice president of Business Operations & Development) of Sylver Consulting LLC hired us for a challenging web-development project. We delivered the software on-time and exactly in the promised cost. He gave us the following feedback in Elance feedback system ( AMAZING results! From day one, the Panchabati team was always very professional, timely and, most importantly, knew what had to be done. They are great at understanding the job requirements and helping us shape the final product, which was critical to get this project out of the ground. During the implementation of our database, we had many issues with my hosting server and Panchabati was able to solve all of them. At the end, they delivered a very professional job. I highly recommend Panchabati and am looking forward to continue our successful partnership.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
We use only elance escrow system.

Joseph Collins
Collins Endeavors LLC, Owner
We successfully developed two software applications for his company
Joe Vlajcic
South Shore Drill Team, Consultant
Developed web-applications for his organization
Adriano Galvao
Sylver Consulting LLC, Vice President, Business Operations & Development
We developed web-based application for his company.
Amy Hollingsworth
My Free World Link, CEO
We developed the web-application involving communication process.
Jorge Morales
Specialized ECU Repair, Manager
We developed the software to bring his idea into reality.
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