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Petr Baudis

Consulting Programmer: AI / Linux / HPC / Git
   Czech Republic
  |   Praha, Praha
  |  3:06 pm Local Time


Petr Baudiš has over 10 years of experience as a C and UNIX programmer and Masters degree in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence). Among many things, he was one of the core Git developers and worked as glibc main­tainer at SUSE Labs and is author of one of the best Go-playing software in the world. He is currently an AI resea­rcher, teaches technical courses at the Czech Technical University and Charles Univer­sity, Prague and works as inde­pendent software consultant.
Service Description
I will be happy to write both smaller and large programs from scratch for you, continue development of existing application or help you tackle a specific programming problem. I'm comfortable with low-level system programming and embedded code, but I have been also building machine learning based NLP and image processing systems in Python and Java - this is currently my main professional focus.

Students appreciate my tutoring - I will not do your homework for you, but I will happily explain everything you need to know or help with specific issues. No topic is too complex that it can't be broken down and cleared up piece by piece.

I'm a professional - to me, this means strong focus on product quality as well as dealing with my clients professionally. My price offer will likely not be the lowest you receive, but you are going to get what you pay for as the reviews you can read here attest. Quality of implementation is my priority - clean design (it matters for products of all sizes!), robust and sleek code anyone can pick up and work with, proper version control, etc.
Charles University, Prague
Masters Degree: Theoretical Comp. Science (A. I.)
2009 - 2012
Charles University, Prague
Bachelor Degree: Computer Science
2004 - 2009
Charles University, Prague
System Administrator, Research Associate, T. A.
2004 - 2012
System Administrator for university department network. Also teaching a variety of courses for students, and participating in few research projects (computer game-playing). As system administrator, part of team of three people maintaining ~40 Linux workstations with customized Debian system, central authentication, shell / mail / web server for the students and faculty, etc.
Novell / SUSE
Senior Software Engineer
2005 - 2011
Git developer, GNU libc maintainer. UNIX/C/Perl/shell system programming, engineering support and package maintenance in the R&D branch SUSE Labs. Independent worker from home for the whole time period.
Payment Terms
None specified
Petr Baudis | Elance

Petr Baudis