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Patrick King

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After several positions in marketing and business management, Patrick found that online marketing was the niche for him. Patrick currently works as a professional SEO for Londes Digital Marketing in western NY. With years of experience working with both corporate level and local business clients, Patrick is looking to continually extend his SEO & Social Media portfolio to companies looking to grow in the online marketing world.

Education: Bachelors of Business Administration & Economics from Houghton College (2007)

Experience: Currently works as a Search Engine Optimizer for Londes Digital Marketing, and has worked in the marketing and management field for 6 years.

Philosophy: The internet has brought a huge amount of potential for companies of all sizes. However, there are also a lot of companies just trying to push packages. You need a professional who will provide what you need, but will also make sure that you don't spend needlessly on things that you don't need.
Service Description
The primary services offered are Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Consulting and potentially Content Generation. The goal of every SEO & SM process is to organize and create an ongoing system that achieves the clients' goals while minimizing the cost.
Houghton College
Bachelors of Business Administration & Economics
2003 - 2007
Truly White Label
2013 - Present
Truly White Label is a full service white label SEO company. We would with advertising, marketing, and design/development companies who have access to a large pool of online businesses, but don't have the infrastructure to offer sufficient SEO services. We have the abilities to handle the site audits/recommendations, client interactions, implementation, and even reporting. In short, we provide the SEO, and put your company's name on it when we're finished.
Truly Local SEO
2013 - Present
Truly Local SEO is a full service SEO company that works entirely with local projects and companies looking to target their local markets. We handle everything from initial research and site audits, to implementation, to reporting to make sure that clients are updated on everything that is going on with their project. When I left the corporate SEO industry, it was because large media/marketing firms couldn't offer affordable packages that offered valuable options for clients at all levels. They usually billed $100 - $125/hr. and would give clients 3-4 hours worth of work, and clients would see very little results and would ultimately never be able to compete with larger competitors. Upon founding Truly Local SEO, we revamped the entire process, removed huge amounts of overhead, and have created a process that is not only superior to other optimization companies, but is cost-effective as well. Our company offers huge value for far less cost, and applies this model specifically to local clients where our process can do the most good. If you're interested in learning more about Truly Local SEO, please don't hesitate to ask.
Londes Digital Marketing
SEO Specialist
2012 - 2013
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Patrick King