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Sergii Bulanov

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Expirenced Linux/FreeBSD system administrator. Professional expirence in *nix OS administration above 5 years. 30 years old, looking for a good intersting work.
Service Description
* Server software troubleshooting
* Server OS & software tunning
* Performance troubleshooting
* Securing server
* Getting rid of malware
* Server installation from scratch
* Monitoring server & services availability
* Building architecture to hadle intesive high load
* Clustered systems
* High-Availability systems
* Virtualization

Familiar (but not limited) with technologies: firewall, apache, php, fastcgi, nignx, lighttpd, named, djbdns, mysql, vsftpd, pure-ftpd, proftpd, load ballancing, memcached, postfix, vpopmail, cyrrus-imapd, gpfs, gfs, san, nas, pacemaker, drbd, heartbeat, xen, openvz, jail, etc
Payment Terms
None specified
Sergii Bulanov | Elance

Sergii Bulanov