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Paolo M.

Experienced Mac/iPhone programmer
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I'm an experienced programmer, working on Apple technologies since the beginning.
NOTE: please do NOT invite for projects that
1. are too vague and/or you're not willing to give more details.
2. require custom graphic design
Properly replying to a proposal is a significant effort, and I usually start with questions, if those are ignored, I can't post a bid and my time is wasted. I'm also mostly a coder, can do prototypes, create and implement standard UI design, but don't have internal resources dedicated to professional illustration and/or creating custom graphic assets.

I've accumulated 25 years of in-depth experience in a wide range of applications, from graphics to high-performance video & broadcast, from simple games to utilities.

See portfolio for some more details on apps developed for publishers.

Open source projects, where you can evaluate the bare code quality:
Service Description
Custom software development, for in-house use or commercial, on iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad), mobile cross-platform (iOS & Android) and Mac OS X.
Training & consultancy over iOS & Mac OS X development.
Clonwerk srl
Technical Consultant
2008 - 2010
Paolo has been the evil mind behind Clonwerk's application suite, aimed at fulfilling broadcast stations' need for high quality real-time graphics production.
Citrix Systems R&D Ltd.
Lead Engineer
2006 - 2007
Paolo has worked on the port to Intel processor and future updates of the Mac client for the well-known (if you're a Windows corporate user, that is...) remote access packages (Presentation Server/Metaframe & Access Essentials).
Sony Business & Professional R&D
Senior Developer - Consultant
2004 - 2006
Paolo has worked on a complete system dedicated to professional broadcasters: from tape acquisition, to video editing, to archiving, to final on-the-air broadcast, the product aims to be a one-stop integrated solution at an affordable price.
Payment Terms
Fixed price, Escrow backed projects ONLY when working with a client for the first time
Milestone-based payments, no upfront amount required.
Paolo M. | Elance

Paolo M.