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Peter A.

Professional Multi-Published Writer For Hire :)
   United Kingdom
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I am a professional writer with over thirty years experience of putting pen to paper, or, as in these days, fingers to the keyboard. I have had published four hardback non-fiction books, over one hundred short pieces of fiction and many hundreds of articles on every subject imaginable. I have been published in some of the UK's leading national newspapers, as well as major UK periodicals.

My non-fiction specialities are sport(s), travel, casinos and online gaming sites, but I am perfectly capable of writing and researching any subject you care to engage me for. I understand the importance of accurate research and the concise conveyance of all your readers need to know.

I also have a love of fiction and being highly imaginative, it's only natural I find myself writing fiction as well. I have written countless works, many of which have been highly praised.

For concise, accurate work that is delivered perfectly as required, I am the guy :)
Service Description
I undertake any task that involves words!

I can write in both English and US English (as I am a frequent visitor to the US, a lover of baseball, basketball and US TV). Fiction and Non-fiction. Articles and Blogs.

I specialise in writing for the web. Did you know no sentence on a web-site should be longer than twelve words? And no paragraph should be any longer than three sentences?

I also proofread and copyedit. for spelling and grammar.

Want help with your own writing? I can polish your prose, and - as a multi-published author with four hardback books on Amazon - I know what publishers are looking for.
The Open University
Bachelor of Arts
1998 - 2005
Payment Terms
I'm very flexible, and will listen to any reasonable offer.
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Peter A.