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Peter V.

LAMP/FNMP developer, freebsd/linux administrator
  |   Samara, Samara


The tools I deal with:
( HRs should care here for their Techies' needs )

joomla/mambo, bitrix/1c-bitrix, php, mysql, perl, freebsd, plesk, nginx, apache, smarty, lamp, fnmp, fastcgi, zend, netcat ( nc, cms ), squid, xsl/xslt, linux, mod_perl, redhat, ajax, debian, idn, syscp, photoshop ( sufficient for taking designer's raster into html ), xml, abocms, oss, cpan, postgresql, javascript, mod_perl, tcp/ip, html, css, sapid, jail vps, unix, mvc, vpn, kernel

Personal Features to Deploy:

long streight passwords and keys, cross-browser transitional xml-style stairway while table positioned and css-flavoured markup, hosting server users virtualization, proposal for self-automation techniques, strict packet filters' rules at the servers and code cleanup verbose, willing to keep work environment clear for concentration.

Necessary To Get Your Things Done:

ventilation, sunlight, keepaway from business managers' endless talkings
Service Description
Profile: php, mysql, perl, freebsd

Since portfolio is wide, particulars are available on request.

Education, certificates are present.

2008 Sites development company, ltd.
Rasters markup and developing the components for some CMSes used.
The hosting panel setup, development
2007 %u0433. Another sites development company, ltd.
Rasters markup and developing the components for another CMSes used.
intranet-projects being done by company at outsourcing
2006 local electronics reseller/system integrator
The highly branched web shop development in the shop team, web development and unix system administration on remote side thereafter.

( All the duties assume development of the code already written by someone else, too )

Took part in several internet and intranet projects as developer and system administrator earlier.

Have wide experience of technical interoperability with most of hosting and domain registering providers.
Payment Terms
None specified
Peter V. | Elance

Peter V.