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SEO, Excel, Text Editing and Web Content Expert
   United Kingdom
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I have over seven years experience in search engine optimisation of websites across various industry sectors. I take a holistic approach to ensuring my customers can reach out to existing and prospective customers via their online presence i.e. not just limiting my focus to ranking on the search engines.

I also provide consultancy to organisations in the use of social media for business.

In addition, I market a link building product called LinkEyes. It is a tool for researching link partners and for the management of link building projects.

Specialties: internet marketing, social media for business, keyword research, link building, niche marketing, excel-driven web content and ranking report provision.

History: I founded Alcander in 2002. Prior to that I worked in e-commerce application development and software engineering for companies such as Asea, Brown, Boveri (ABB) Switzerland, CSC (Computer Science Corporation), Easams, GEC-Marconi and Schlumberger
Service Description
Through my company, Alcander, based in South-East London, I take a holistic approach to marketing my clients websites, so they are not only made more visible on the search engines, but will also attract more click-throughs. I will remove any obstacles likely to get in the way of a site's ability to engage with its viewer. Ultimately, you will get more customers reaching for the phone, competing your enquiry form or emailing you. I also have experience in providing consultation and training so that clients are positioned to do their own SEO work.

Though not related to SEO, I am an expert in Excel. This is anything from generating web content from Excel data to complex data manipulation jobs.

Another facet to my skills is complex data and content manipulation and management through my extensive knowledge and experience of powerful editing software.

Web content auditing and compliance is my fourth specialist area. I produce reports on HTML compliance and Search Engine Readiness (as well as providing the work to take corrective action).


SEO/Search Engine Optimisation (keyword analysis, link building, on-page optimisation, W3C compliance, page-load time optimisation, ranking reports, site audits, Google Analytics, Google Places optimisation, URL rewriting, niche marketing)

Excel (webpage content generation, solving complex data processing and presentation problems)

Text and Data Editing (en-masse editing, pattern matching editing, content formatting)
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