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Pippa R.

Professional Writer: Scripts, Poems and Stories.
   United Kingdom
  |   Cheltenham, England
  |  3:21 pm Local Time


I'm a professional writer from the UK. I write scripts, and I have published short stories, poetry and journalism for all ages. My latest script was written for a project with Hull University. They have posted it online, and this is the link to it:


I have uploaded sample stories and poems to my portfolio, so please do have a look at them.

For more information about my scripts and stories you might like to look at my blog at http://stargleam.blogspot.co.uk/

I have also done journalism, reviews for academic journals, blogs and restaurant reviews. (see Service Description for more information).

I'd love some story and scriptwriting work (particularly if it's for children or young adults), but I can also help with smaller projects, such as poetry, speeches and letters.

I love working with people, and am very versatile. Do try me. :)
Service Description
I live in the UK and have been writing professionally for more than thirty years. I have a lot of experience in writing for children and young adults (stories, scripts, ebooks, poetry) - but I have published fiction for older readers in magazines such as Quality Women's Fiction (QWF), and in a number of anthologies.

I am also a member of my local Everyman's Writers' Lab and my play, 'Investigation: Haunted House', based on real science experiments, is now being performed in schools in the Hull and Bradford areas. This is the link to the play, which Hull University have posted online:


I was also selected for the Skylines project, with Theatre Centre, London, to develop other skills in writing theatre for children and young adults.


I have just completed this project, and have written another play - a spooky, modern fairy tale for a YA audience.

My style is quirky, and my work can be laugh-out-loud funny, or tongue-in-cheek. I do write some creepy stories, ghost stories, and mysteries, but the humour is rarely far from the surface. In 'Investigation: Haunted House', for instance, there is a very feisty, girl ghost, who keeps contradicting the children's teacher. She can't hear, or see the ghost, but the children can.

I'm very versatile as I have worked in a lot of different areas. I've done free-lance journalism, and have had articles published in UK newspapers and magazines: the Gloucestershire Echo; the Western Daily Press (under the name of Eleanor Theyer); Evergreen (magazine), The Church Times, and Writers' Forum (magazine). I've also published book reviews in academic journals such as 'Anarchist Studies'. Normally I use my own name, Philippa, or Pippa Roberts.

I also speak French (although my only qualification in French is an 'A' level I have lived in France and had a French speaking husband). I am currently doing a second degree with the Open University. (I studied Philosophy, English Literature and History in my first degree (BA), although I didn't receive a paper qualification because of severe illness preventing me from taking two exams (see education). I am now grappling with Science, with the OU, and loving it.) I love learning, but first and foremost I am a writer. The things I learn feed into my stories and plays, and I have also had many interesting - and some difficult - life experiences which, I like to think, give my work a greater depth. I don't think I'm good at selling myself. Please read my stories and watch my plays. They're a much better introduction to me than this. :)
University of Gloucestershire
BA - History and English Literature
Open University
BA Open Degree
2010 -
University of Stirling
BA English Literature and Philosophy (First 2 yrs)
1978 -
Fractal Publishing
Managing director
2004 - Present
I started the company, Fractal Publishing because I was worried about the limiting ideas of many publishers. I don't think that books have to fall neatly into one genre, so our books often don't. So far we have only done print books (9 so far). Although I am a professional writer I didn't start the company to publish my own work. I would worry that I was too close to it to be objective. (For this reason I always write for magazines and anthologies from other publishers, and write scripts to commission.) I did edit books of my grandmother, Effie M Roberts's poetry (Winter Jasmine, The Golden Glory has Fled and A Wartime Poetry Journal), because it would have been silly to pay someone else to do a job that I was uniquely qualified to do. Otherwise I have put my efforts into finding unusual books that defy all expectations, and in producing them as beautiful books. I now have a PA, but have done a very large percentage of the work myself. More information can be found at www.fractalpublishing.co.uk, including pages relating to me (Pippa) and to my talks and readings.
Philippa (Pippa) Roberts
Freelance writer
1981 - Present
I have worked as a free-lance writer since I was a student. Although I lost time to a severe illness (now diagnosed and treated) I have intermittently published journalism, stories, ebooks, poetry and reviews since 1981. See www.fractalpublishing.co.uk/pippa for more details.
Northamptonshire Libraries
Library Assistant
1981 - 1983
I was responsible for sorting through books and deciding what could be sold, what could be repaired, and what should be thrown away. I also frequently did counter service, dealing with members of the public, and spent some time organising books within the library.
Payment Terms
Laura Fleming
Wotton Under Edge Festival of the Arts, Organiser
I read stories and gave poetry workshops to two classes of KS2 children, teaching them how to play with sound and create powerful effects with stress patterns, alliteration etc. They then wrote poems of their own, and these were displayed in the town hall, all around the walls during the festival. They produced some wonderful poems and I absolutely loved doing it.
Dr Mike Craddock
King's School, Gloucester., Head of English and Drama
Talk I gave for the Literary Society about my own writing career. (A group of 17-18 year olds.) I have an open reference, which I will upload to my portfolio if the website doesn't let me do it here. :/
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