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Miodrag M.

Premium systems software architects and developers


17+ years experience in Systems Architecture and Systems Software Development
Service Description
About MG-Tech Ltd.

We are cutting-edge systems software consulting and solution provider, fully committed in helping our clients to develop new technologies - from the R&D phase, integration with existing technologies, to its adoption by the end user.

MG-Tech Ltd. is privately held corporation founded in 1998, as a platform to unite forces and rich experience of several independent consultants in areas like:
- Digital Audio/Video processing,
- Telecommunications,
- Networking/Internet,
- Real-Time processing,
- Systems Software development,
- Operating Systems architecture.

Our services are provided on basis of unique business model, which aims to ensure:
- Project oriented, priority driven management.
- Accurate assessment of each project requirement, preventing the waste of resources.
- Ongoing internal research, providing in-depth knowledge of leading technologies, with couple of genuine inventions on top of that.
- Unique technological solutions, delivering overwhelming performance and features.
- High quality, low maintenance solutions delivered to clients.
- Rapid and efficient software development.
- Timely response to short-notice requests from our strategic partners.

Our dynamic and agile business model resulted in delivery of numerous high-tech projects, often under stress of urgency and critical importance. It is only due to care we exercise in maintaining up-to-date technical expertise, management and execution of our business model that we could succeed in doing so.

Our client and partner list speaks for itself and our (partial) list of completed projects even more.
Any other solution provider that can list a similar portfolio is likely manyfold of our size.

* Operating systems architecture:

Solaris 2.5.1 - current (Intel and UltraSPARC): DDI/DKI, IO/DMA, VM, Low Core, Interrupt handling, Kernel Threads, Schedulers, Timers, SCSA, STREAMS, TCP/IP, Nexus framework, Power management, Hot Plugging, File Systems, X-Windows Drivers & Extensions, PCMCIA, Environment (HW) monitoring, Zones, etc.

HP-UX 8.x - current (HP-PA RISC): in particular IO, VM, Process Schedulers, Multi-Threading, System Libraries, Object file & Library formats (SLLIC), Dynamic loading, Compiler code generation conventions, X-Windows Drivers & Extensions, Async I/O

Linux: All of kernel (Core, Device Drivers, File systems, ...) Multi-Threading, X-Windows Drivers & Extensions and Systems Programming level

Other OS (AIX, IRIX, SCO, VxWorks, QNX, Nucleus, AUTOSAR/OSEK, MPE/XL/iX): Kernel, Device Drivers, File systems, network protocols, STREAMS, X-Windows Drivers & Extensions and Systems Programming level

MS Windows: device drivers (network NDIS, disk controller, USB, MPEG, multimedia, file systems), DLLs, ASP.NET, MS SQL

* Hardware (functional/device driver level):

IO Bus Architecture: PCI, SBus, VME, EISA, ISA, HP-IB, PCI, SCI (IEEE 1596), Fire Wire (IEEE 1394), InfiniBand, PCMCIA/CardBus, USB, RapidIO, CAN...

CPU & MMU models: SPARC V9, All Intel & AMD, PowerPC, HP-PA RISC P1.0 - P2.2, MIPS, ...

IO devices: Frame buffers, MUX, LAN, WAN, Wireless (802.11 & Bluetooth), Fibre Channel, HP-IB, SCSI, Disk Controllers, Multimedia (Audio/Video/DSP), Bus Bridges, Parallel & Serial I/O devices, Smart Cards, Audio, MPEG encoders/decoders, Biometric devices, Haptic ...

* Programming:

Systems Programming: OS Kernel Device Drivers File Systems ..., Embedded systems, Multi-Threading, Source and Binary Code Porting, Object Code Processing/Emulation, Process and Resource Control, Code Optimization, Fault Tolerance/Data Integrity, Device Control, Sockets, Multi-Tier Client/Server Architecture, DBMS Design, X-Windows Drivers, Network protocols, security

Application Programming: Databases - DB2, MySQL, MS SQL, INFORMIX, ORACLE, HP-ALLBASE, ISAM, JDBM; JavaBeans/EJB, JSF, J2EE; LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP), ASP.NET, GUI (X-Windows), Visual Age, Forte, JDK, Eclipse

Languages: UML, C, C++, C#, Assembler, Java, Shell (*sh, POSIX, perl, PHP, Python, Tcl/Tk), Forth (FCode), VB, Fortran, COBOL, SQL, Pascal, ...


· OS Architect (UNIX, Real-Time, Embedded)

· Project/Team Lead in software development process

· UNIX Kernel, Device Drivers Developer

· Systems Software Programmer for UNIX or Real Time OS

· Porting to/from UNIX/Linux, Embedded, Real Time, MS Windows, MAC OS, etc.

· Mission Critical Applications

· Distributed Computing, Client/Server solutions; from low level to J2EE
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Miodrag M.