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Alfonso V.

Sr Linux Eng/ Amazon AWS / NGINX / SECURITY / LAMP
  |   Saltillo, coahuila
  |  8:26 pm Local Time

About the Company

A self-motivated System and Network security administrator with more than 10 years in the management and analysis of Linux/Unix enterprise Servers (60- 70 servers). With deep and advance knowledge of highly scalable servers, Cloud Computing, Hardening Servers, Migrations, Ethical hacking, Open Source services, Development Operations - DevOps and Server optimization. Additionally I have the understanding of some common tcp/ip network protocols to perform troubleshooting or test to any type of network service. Certifications such as: Certified Ethical Hacker - Red Hat Certified Engineer - Cisco CCNA.

Service Description
Expertise in:

MIGRATIONS: AMAZON/Wordpress/Magento/LAMP/Cpanel migration plans and implementation, backup-restore and recovery plans. I have helped HUNDREDS of clients migrate their web sites and applications into the CLOUD.

Design and build Web Servers with HIGH PERFORMANCE (LAMP, NGINX/python, Nginx/Varnish, Nginx/php-fpm, Jboss, Apache tomcat and Varnish) - Improve and Fix performance issues, service optimization, security issues and deployments.

WORDPRESS HIGH PERFORMANCE AND TRAFFIC SITES IMPLEMENTATIONS: Improve Wordpress performance, design a cloud hosting with complex services using Wordpress, Wordpress multisite, wordpress + woocommerce, wordpress with NGINX/varnish , integration with CDN, Memcached/Redis, Amazon S3, etc etc. Build an entire HOSTING environment from design, implementation and maintenance.

MALWARE removal and analysis: WordPress / Magento / Joomla Malware removal and remediation, Incident handling and Forensics analysis.

BOOST and optimize websites with: NGINX, Varnish, REDIS, Amazon S3, Memcached, APC, apache tunning and mysql tunning, Amazon CloudFront and more.

Development Operations - DevOps - : Docker, Vagrant, Puppet, Fabric and Capistrano for config management and provisioning. Vagrant + git + Jenkins + Hudson for Continuous integration - CI. Ansible + docker or Docker + vagrant

Amazon Cloud Computing (AWS) - AMAZON EC2, amazon CDN S3, amazon RDS, amazon ELB, Amazon AutoScaling, AmazonVPC, C loudFront, Route53, etc. Also Management of multiple Control panels like Rackspace Cloud Computing, SoftLayer, GoDaddy, HostGator, dreamhost and MediaTemple.

Designing and deploying scalable & Highly available systems such as: Amazon Load Balancing (ELB), Hearbeat, HAProxy, mysql cluster, apache cluster...

Network and web security such as: Vulnerability Assessments, Hardening servers, security audits, Penetration testing, Virus/Malware/Threats/Vulnerabilities countermeasures, web security, fail2ban, Tripwire-AIDE-OSSEC, mod_security, mod_evasive, Denial of Services (DDOS) countermeasures, Firewalls (iptables, CSF and apf), etc.

VPS: Cpanel / WHM / Plesk / DirectAdmin / Webadmin - Migrations, management, hardening, configuration, maintenance and high level of Administration.

Databases Administration such as: Mysql tweaking and tunning, MongoDB, load balancing and Mysql replication (Master & Slave) for High traffic.

Database: Mysql tweaking and tunning, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Apache Solr, Sphinx, lucene, MariaDB, Postgresql replication & Pgpool, Mysql load balancing and Mysql replication (Master & Slave) for High traffic.

Continious integration (CI) and Automated Configurations with: Puppet, Capistrano, GIT and Fabric. Jenkins + github, Jenkins + nginx. Working All together as development Operations - DevOps

Networking: TCP/IP high expertise, NAT, FIREWALLS, CISCO routing and switching and Packet analysis with tcpdump and wireshark.

Storage solutions and Directory management: SAMBA, NFS, FTP and sftp. LVM and RAID*.

SCRIPTING: Bash and python.

Proficient with MAIL Servers: postfix, sendmail and Zimbra.

Source control versioning: GIT and SVN.

Deploying and maintaining Monitoring systems such as: nagios, ZAbbix, cacti and Jboss Operation Network (JON).

Backups solutions: amanda, rsync, Amazon backups and rsnapshot.

Research & development (R & D) for any open source service and technology.
Certified Ethical Hacker
Awarded: 2010
Cisco Certfied Network Associated
Awarded: 2009
Telecom company
Sr. Linux Engineer
2011 - Present
Some activities: - Plan, design, deploy and document an entire migration infrastructure - Management, operation, maintenance and configuration of 50-70 Linux Red Hat Servers. Sites: and - Support Java applications based in JBOSS - Bash and python scripting for automate the Sys Admin tasks. - Management of LAMP environments - Hardening of Linux/Unix Servers and Vulnerability Assesments. - Optimize, tune and tweak: Jboss and LAMP servers - Wordpress management, configuration, installation and hardening. - Design and deploy small servers to replicate the production environments of Sprint Sites. - Working with Services such as: Jboss, Apache, Nagios, Git, NFS, samba, postfix, hadoop, mysql, php, lamp, iptables, Xen server, sftp/ssh/scp, smtp, ssl... - On call Support for the Sprint Enterprise Linux Servers - Virtualization of Centos Servers with Xen Server. - Migration of the mentioned technologies to another Platform.
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Alfonso V. | Elance

Alfonso V.