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About the Company

We provide professional Filemaker solutions for your business or personal situation. Located in Denver, CO the PR Data Solutions, LLC team consist of expert Filemaker developers. We are dedicated to offering small businesses and self-employed individuals a platform to access their data in a very quick and easy manner. Leave your spreadsheet behind and take the confusion and inevitability of errors out of the equation.
Service Description
Customized database creation and maintenance
You have the power to make your database make sense to you!
Customize the appearance as well as the mechanics of your data.
Choose the color and layout of your data entry interface.
Make changes at any time by contacting your representative.

Data transfer to a new database
Already have your data recorded on a spreadsheet or other program? Transfer your data to your newly customized database.
We walk you through the process so that you understand exactly what is happening to your data.
We insure the accuracy of your data during the transfer.

Conduct your business on the web
Make your presence known through an informational website.
Interact with your data for customers, vendors and workers via your website.

No server required for multiple users
At PR Data Solutions LLC, we provide the server is part of your service.
The server is off site therefore no hardware is necessary. 
Using this method of data storage, we can ensure the safety and security of your data at all times while keeping your office and your hard drives less cluttered.

Access your database from anywhere
If you have Internet access you can view and edit your data from anywhere.
This is made possible by our remote server method of data storage.

Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Payment(s) depends on the length and scope of the project. Final payment is only payable upon the client's satisfaction with the finished project.
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