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Sri S

Technology is my forte
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I am a technology writer. I believe that unless you KNOW TECHNOLOGY, you can't sell technology. Translating complex technology concepts into simple business-speak is my strength. To me everything is marketing. Sales are my milestones.

I specialize in writing on Cloud computing, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Web 2.0, AI(Artificial Intelligence),CRM, SCM, ERP and similar topics. I am also a student of science and love to write on Astronomy, Image processing, Human intelligence, Genetics...............

Service Description
I am an engineer with a Masters in Electronics & Telecommunication . I have been in the trenches handling IT projects for past 30 years. I also hold a Masters in financial management( verified by Elance)

Content strategist

I know where to put content, how to project your image and that of your product or service. Content by itself has no meaning unless it has context. Value can only be seen when the reader understands your content. Content- ment only comes when there is a sale and exchange of cash.

Technology marketing strategist

Marketing technology products and services requires a unique set of skills, which can only come from a deep understanding of technology and an intuitive feel for Marketing. I excel in both.

Marketing is not SEO or backlinks. Marketing is not a Google circus with gimmicks galore. You are not playing online tricks out here. Unfortunately you are told that you are a participant in this stunt orchestrated by Google. The truth is nowhere near this absurdity.

Remember the 4P's of marketing - Product, Pricing, Placement and Promotion. This is hardcore marketing. Rest is incidental.

Technology visionary

I strongly believe that everything begins with a thought. . You will achieve only if you think deeply and clearly. I put soul into the flesh and bring campaigns to life. This is my vision.

I have earned more than $100,000 on Elance. My clients love my writing because it makes sense. Simplifying complex technical issues and presenting them to lay business audiences is my forte.

My writing is truly original, often quirky, brilliant and top of the shelf - I have ghostwritten for technology thought leaders, written speeches for US senators, press releases for media icons and screen divas. I haven't yet written songs nor have I danced, but I am game for it - if my clients want me to.

I would be misleading my clients and myself if I claim or even think that I know everything about technology. I don't. I never will. The real pleasure of working as a freelancer on Elance is that I am constantly challenged. There are a zillion new ideas, philosophies and technologies I am exposed to out here. My clients throw up surprises all the time. Frankly, it is an amazing experience. In this intellectually volatile and ever changing technological landscape, the only solution is to learn, learn and keep learning. Research is the only salvation. I excel in the art of research. I have access to information which is rare. I am a member of IEEE Xplore, a digital repository of the latest academic papers, ebooks, conference publications, journals and magazines. I am also an enthusiastic reader of The Economist. Perhaps my success in writing can be attributed to my access to privileged information. Lucky me.

You must be wondering if I am such a whiz, what am I doing on Elance?
Good question.

I am a fiction writer and need time to complete my novel. A full time job would not permit me the luxury of writing. Here on Elance I get to meet people, learn about the latest in technology ,earn a decent living, work when I wish and most importantly it gives me ample time to write my novel.

My story writing skills give my technical work a unique personality, suffused with flesh and blood, which is so very important in writing and life.

University of Mumbai
Master's Degree in Financial Management
1993 - 1996
Pune University
Master of Engineering ,Electronics and Telecommunication
1991 - 1993
Payment Terms
Escrow works fine with me.
Sri S | Elance

Sri S