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Judy P.

25 Years Full Charge Accounting!!
   United States
  |   Monticello, AR
  |  8:05 pm Local Time

About the Company

I began providing accounting service's with Elance in the year of 2007. I was employed full time so I provided accounting services part time. I have retired since that time so I will now be providing full time client service's and am looking forward to my clients receiving the best accounting service there is to provide. I have been working as a full charge accounting manager for 25 years and I truly love every minute of my profession. I value each and every client that asks for my service's. I am dedicated to my clients also my profession and will strive to satisfy every client, I will respect there needs and will provide excellant services. I am very proud to have the knowledge I have gained thoughout the 25 years of full charge accounting.
I am a dedicated person, I am easy to work with, I have total knowledge of the accounting process. I follow my clients direction to the letter without fail!.
Service Description
My company is dedicated 100% to my clients and the growth of their companies. I am proficient with accounting and can provide them with efficiency also complete dedication. This will give them the opportunity to apply themselves strictly to business and I can take care of the numbers. I will supply reports, updates, problems and all information revelant to the growth and finances of the company.
I have worked in several industries. Vehicle Dealerships, Manufacturing Plant, Convenience Stores, Construction, and more.

Professional Business Service's
Service experience list. I would appreciate the opportunity to provide your
business needs!

Full Charge Accounting
Data Entry
Virtual Assistance
Accounting System Setup
Financial Statements
Income/Balance Sheets
Bank Reconcilation
Credit Card Reconciliation
General Journal Monthly Closing Entries
Quarterly Payroll Taxes
Bill Pay Preparation/Balanced with hard copy
Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable
Month End Reports
QuickBooks Pro 2008 Desktop
QuickBooks Pro On-Line Version
Peachtree Premium 2003 thru 2009
ADP Accounting
Onsite Plus Accounting Course
Awarded: 1989
Drew Central High School
1962 - 1965
Michael Uurmann
Virtual Accounting Manager
2010 - 2010
Polly Products, LLC
Inventory Control/Buyer
2007 - 2008
Polly Products, LLC
Peachtree Premium Accounting Manager
2000 - 2008
Providing all aspects of accounting process.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Turn-around and billing.

Services will be provided within the agreed time frame. Billing will be provided according to contractor and client agreement. Payment process can be discussed.
Michael Urmann
Futons & BeanBags, Owner
Accounting Manager
Mary Clemas
Polly Products LLC, Accounting Manager
Full charge accounting manager. Over seeing the accounting process of myself and others to assure my employers accounting records are processed efficeintly and accurately. Duration of employment seven years.
Al Cockrum
Polly Products, LLC, Vice President of Sales
Kevin Dingle
Polly Products, LLC, President
I worked at Polly Products, LLC for seven years.
Judy P. | Elance

Judy P.