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Shirley K.

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A Masters of Education, English minor and an avid interest in reading launched a career that quickly included creative writing, proofreading and editing. After teaching creative writing and English grammar the skills developed were utilized when switching to mental health. Assignments required close writing scrutiny and adherence to explicit federal specifications utilizing those skills. This switch added flexibility and diversification to my creative writing skills.

My employment and educational background is verified by Elance. This paid verification reference includes a comment from my then board president confirming my grant co-authorship and designing and creation of a several million dollar recovery program. (Look for the green tags in the profile.) I am CO of a small nonprofit, Affairs of the Mind. It was founded by two mother-daughters pooling their expertise, including another Masters and a Bachelor, to empower the public in health. Our company site is down presently.
Service Description
My hourly rate is reasonable, determined by the job.

Elance employers will receive prompt, quality submissions marked by reliability provided by the CO. Interactions with employers will be frequent and through Elance's Workroom unless desired otherwise.

The writing will reflect passion, clarity, and correct grammar. It will be based on over twenty years of writing creatively , proofreading and editing in the areas of education, addiction, hypnosis, psychology and grant writing.

After several years with Elance, proofreading, editing, ghost writing and creative writing stand out as specialties. The services chosen to provide for Elance will utilize skills acquired in more than one field.

Saint John's University
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Awarded: 1994
State Board of Education
Professional Teacher Certificate
Awarded: 1957
NM Counseling&Therapy Practice Board
former Licensed NM Mental Health Counselor
Awarded: 1990
Commission of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
former Texas Liscensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
Awarded: 1985
Texas State University
Master in Education
1965 - 1969
Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center for Bexar C
Program Director and Director
1986 - 1993
Shirley took over directory of Alcohol Rehabilation Center for Women with Children upon its award. She designed and intiated the program funded by a several million dollar federal grant. Shirley co-authored a several million dollar federal grant, took over the directorship of Alcohol Rehabilitation Center for Women with Children upon the award. She designed and then initiated the program involving several public support entities.
Payment Terms
For most jobs one fourth of the bid is asked upon agreement of terms. The turnaround is based on the assignment.
Shirley XXXXXX, M.Ed.
Affairs of the Mind, Chief Officer
Shirley incorporated a nonprofit, launched a web site and produced self improvement CDs
Sam Robertson, Ph.D.
Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center of Bexar County, Board President
Shirley fufilled the responsibilities related to Program Director until she accepted the directory of a new program, Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center of Bexar County for Women with Children. For that she designed and initiated a several million dollar federally funded grant program.
Shirley K. | Elance

Shirley K.