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David Zhang

Experienced Software Engineer with broad skillset
   United States
  |   Belmont, CA
  |  5:26 pm Local Time


6+ years of software development experience in Python, Java, Django/Flask and Solr/Haystack. I also have Machine Learning/Data Mining background and I have been using scikit-learn for machine learning projects.

I have worked on different platforms and system, including Linux(Ubuntu, Redhat) and windows, Mysql and PostgreSQL database, etc.

I am usually very willing to dive into new technologies.

Graduated with Software Engineering and Computer Science degree. Understand computer's internal mechanism well enough to design and build robust and error resistant applications.
Service Description
I have many years of software development experience and I am a reliable person who will never let employers down.

Python Django/Flask development
Search system development with Solr and Haystack if for Django stac
Software development in Java and Python
Database development in MySQL and PostgreSQL.
Machine Learning, Data Mining, sciki-learn
Data scraping/crawling
Southeast University
Bachelor of Software Engineering
2002 - 2006
Payment Terms
Either fixed price or hourly rate is fine. However, I would rather work for a fixed fee per milestone than an hourly rate to give you confidence about the final price and give me incentive to be productive.

If escrow is used then payment on delivery is fine, else the payment will be split into milestones.
David Zhang | Elance

David Zhang