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Snjezana Zivkovic

Voiceover and Translation Services
   Bosnia and Herzegovina
  |  3:45 am Local Time


Publica Language Studio s.r. provides voiceover and translation services for the advertising industry, national and local broadcasters, documentaries, animation houses, corporate, eLearning and multimedia interests.
Service Description
Our agency represents a diverse range of voices covering many accents and dialects, ages and foreign languages. You will get highest quality produced reads, directed by live producers at our facility, featuring hand-picked voice over talent chosen for your specific needs.

We can help you with all aspects of your voiceover project from initial communication to meeting tough deadlines and organizing last minute edits and recordings or corrections. We will take your project and help you to choose the right voice talent, record the audio and deliver it in the desired format, at the best quality, in the shortest time. More than 9 years in the voice over business and turning over a hundreds projects, means that we have a pretty good idea of what the client wants.

English UK, English USA, English AU, German, Swiss German, German AT, Dutch, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Slovakian, Estonian, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Flemish, French, Canadian French, Italian, Spanish EU, Spanish Latin America, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Greek, Hungarian, Hindu, Urdu, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and Arabic.
Presentation Skills
Awarded: 2007
Snjezana Zivkovic
General Manager
2006 - Present
Payment Terms
Payment term is negoitable.
Johannes Schumann
Goethe-Verlag GmbH, General Manager
Voiceover and proofreading in Serbian for online education project.
Meliha Mujezinovic
EUSR- European Union Special Representative in BiH, Electronic Media Officer
Voice over and audio production in Bosnian for online animation, part of the web Quiz.
David Shadbolt
Transition Associates, Project Manager
Voice over for eLearning course "QManage" in Russian and Arabic.
Snjezana Zivkovic | Elance

Snjezana Zivkovic