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Redefining the change...Pulomas- the Wordsmiths and Techno-neuromancers with Samurai skills in technical writing, user manuals, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Content writing, Design, Multimedia and admin jobs, backed by more than 15 years of experience on the global grid.
We specialize in providing services of writing and creating Online Help, Web Help, User Manuals, ebooks, blogs, User Guide, Audio & Video Transcriptions, Getting Started Manual, Installation Guide, Admin Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, White Paper, FAQ, Training Manual, Trainer's Guide, Test Documents, Release Notes, Tech Reports, API Guides, Test Templates, Test Specifications, and Software Specification documents.

We offer superior, qualitative, and reliable Content Writing, Designing, Multimedia, Administrative and back office services to various IT and non-IT companies.
Service Description
Projects successfully completed by us at Elance and Odesk:

Online Help, User Guide, Installation Guide, Administration Manual, Web Help, CHM, User Reference Guide, API Guide

1. ITapp AppCenter – Online Help for cloud based platform for provisioning, configuration, management and delivery of applications and infrastructure.
2. Storan –Dr.Explain based online help for medical record review platform for managed care plans, physicians, hospitals and service bureaus.
3. SystemX – Online help for an accounting ERP application.
4. Patient Sites – User Guide for CMS based application for managing and publishing physical therapy websites.
5. AlbaSpectrum Alba 360 – User guide for workflow management application.
6. Xcellence Mining RiskView Template – User Manual for application on managing risks.
7. AssetAware – Madcap Flare Help for Asset Tracking and Managing Application.
8. BackAzimuth – Online Help for Advanced Keyword Management Software.
9. Champ – Zendesk based online help for a broadcasting and channel management software.
10. SoftNAS – Online Help created in Dr. Explain for Cloud based Enterprise NAS for VMware, Hyper-V and Amaxon EC2.
11. Streamline Shipping – Robohelp based Online Help for salesforce.com implemented Shipping ERP application.
12. POS Hotel – CHM help for POS based hotel management ERP and CRM application.
13. AutoMainten – Online help for workflow management for auto servicing agencies.
14. eCHDP – Zendesk based Online Help for a complete platform of Managing and Tracking PM160 Forms from their inception to e-billing and payment tracking.
15. Plexes – User Guide for broadcasting software for multiplexes.
16. FioBooks – WordPress based online help for managing clients, estimates, invoices and accounting.
17. Vansah – WordPress based online help for a testing and simulator application.
18. BizCredit – User Guide and training manuals for online business credit management application.
19. PrestaShop – Online Help for Ecommerce Solution for Online Stores application.
20. SecureW2 – Online help for cloud based management portal for Care Maintenance and Support.
21. bFlowMedical – Webhelp for Medical Billing and Claims Management application.
22. PureWave Leo 500 – Installation and User Guides for a Constellation LTE Base Station.
23. PureView EMS – Installation and User Guides for Element Management System for Base Stations.
24. LeasePlan – User Guide for Platform for Managing International Auctioning of Used LeasePlan Cars.
25. Maples – Corporate Business & Product Demonstration Presentation on the MapOptis content based imaging solution.
26. MavSocial/Maventus – UserVoice based Online Help for Campaign Marketing and Business Management application.
27. MicroLogic – User Guide for Automobile Servicing Application.
28. MillinMedical – User Guide for Platform for Managing Patients, Appointments, Medical Billing and Insurance Claims.
29. QuietCool – Installation and Administration Guide for Classic Line for Clean Air Legacy
30. PMBOK 6 Sigma – A complete set of training material including Facilitator Guide, Student workbook and PowerPoint presentation for a Week Long Training Programme
31. Q-ARS – HTML Help for Mobile Cloud (QR-code) Based Audience Response System.
32. RapidABC – Zendesk based Online Help for Costing and Accounting Application.
33. Razient - Uservoice based Online Help for Global Incidents’ Tracking Solution.
34. NFS Guide – A complete guide on NFS.
35. WP Theme – Online help on WordPress themes.
36. Rtoknowhow – User voice based online help for an Australian application for registered training organizations with multi-user intelligent solution.
37. MS Project 2003 – A complete detailed guide on MS Project 2003.
38. EdgeDashboards – User Manual for a Business Intelligence Dashboard Application.
39. NOVAKON iFaceDesigner – User Guide for enterprise platform of designing HMI products.
40. SeekerChurch – Html based online help for application on managing seeker churches.
41. TBX - Quick Guide for a complete platform managing time and expenses of employees anywhere, anytime.
42. Crowdvox - Wiki based Help for a CMS based advance backend system for managing Paid Listing services
43. EducationKonnect -User manual, documentation and online help for a cloud based K-12 application.
44. FarmLinks – Admin guide for FarmLinks TV.
45. Final Lab Experts – Admin Guide for secure document management software.
46. Weather Station – A manual for managing weather stations.
47. FemaleVideoCams – A user guide for managing female video cameras online application.
48. Evento – Online help for FaceBook based event management application.
49. ClientBalance –Online guide for managing client balances.
50. ChattyApps - A robohelp based documentation for creating and customizing mobile applications
51. Doogma - Installation and User Guide for an online CSS based application for the customization of product before placing order.
52. XcellPlanner - Getting Started Guide for a .NET based web solution that is installed on client- server environment (SQL Server)
53. Joomla User Guide - A complete guide on Joomla CMS covering all intricate aspects with intuitive screenshots.
54. SharePoint User Guide - A step by step how to guide on SharePoint 2010 with screenshots.
55. Nine10 Software Guide - A technical documentation of an online content management system.
56. InformationSafe - 3 guides (Getting Started, User and Administrator) for an online application to organize, protect and manage the vast array of information of modern life.
57. Reach1to1- Online Robohelp documentation on sales dashboard involving CRM
58. B2B Web Store - Online Help and FAQs for a Web Store and shopping cart
59. RealEstate Help - Complete help and FAQs using Robohelp
60. UnlimitedSolarERP- Technical documentation of online ERP tool for managing Solar based systems
61. ERP Manual - A set of 9 manuals for various PeopleSoft applications.
62. VoxOx - Getting started and user guides for online (skype type) conferencing application.
63. EfficientPPC - Documentation for web based PPC tracking and managing application
64. Acsellerate - Robohelp documentation for sales dashboard
65. Adaco - Help and Manual 5 based web help for a .net based hospitality solutions
66. Ezclaim - User guide for appointment scheduling system for hospitals and doctors
67. APX - User Manual for POS based assortment planning application.
68. PSA Scorecard - Help documentation for online tool for managing and operating professional service companies.
69. Nauna - Robohelp based online help for an African based social networking site.
70. HarborTouch Reservation – Online help for managing hotel reservation application.
71. PHilton Digital Greeting Card – User guide for customizing digital greeting card.

Technical Writing

72. Information Security - A report/guide on security incident management for an IT company. It involved the process flow for security event analysis from event detection to triage, classification & notification through existing incident response process initiation and/or incident remediation.
73. 25 SharePoint 2010 tutorials - How to guide on Sharepoint administration or development tasks
74. Elgg social networking software - 10 Technical Articles Explaining Elgg's Intracacies and reviews
75. Google Apps - Story board for e-learning based training of various tools of Google apps
76. Microsoft MDX Report - A complete report on Microsoft MDX w.r.t all versions.
77. IPV6 based articles - A set of 40 articles each of 1000 words on IPV6 and related technologies
Symbiosis, Pune
Master in Business Applications
2000 - 2002
Master in Computer Applications
1998 - 2001
Managing Director
2006 - 2010
# Working on technical consultation, support, design documents, presentations, white papers, installation guides, research papers, release notes, new releases, user manuals, online help systems, and guides #Conducts training programme on IPv6 Awareness # Working for various clients on variety of subject matters # Writing technical columns regularly in popular newspaper, Star of Mysore # Working on many critical processes, software, technologies, web related control panels # Worked on topics such as RFID, Wimax, IPSecurity, Wi-Fi, Ubiquitous Computing, GSM Networks, Mobile phones, Secure Neighbor Discovery (SEND), TCP/IP, IPSec, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Bluetooth, Telecommunications, IPv6 deployment, Traffic monitors, Next Generation Networking, IEEE standards 802.1n, 802.1x, Identity-based networking, Data center 10-gigabit Ethernet switching, Traffic management, IP infrastructure, Long Term Evaluation (LTE), Fixed Mobile Convergence, Open cellular networks, Mobile Computing, BSD and Linux. # Regular Contributor of White papers and technical support to many blogs and websites.
Tata Consultancy Services
Training Executive
2004 - 2006
# Analysing Inhouse and Customer Training Needs # Planning and Designing technical training modules # Actively participating in all Technical Discussions and Sessions # Designing Customer Training Documents # Organizing Training Programmes, Seminars, Conferences # Training Inhouse Engineers (need based) # Training Sales Team and Customers on installation of Platform (need based) # Involving in Research and Development along with Triage Team Members # Creating Flash Animations and PowerPoint Presentations for training
CIST, University of Mysore
Senior Faculty
2000 - 2004
# Trained more than 3500 participants of different age groups including Corporates # Has guided hundreds of projects of students # Has given umpteen number of Seminars on ICT and Personality Development # Designed many need based programmes for Corporates like BEML, NESTLE # Actively involved in organising 5 National and 4 International IT Conferences # Conducted more than 500 Quality Training Programmes for Jaycees, MBAs, Lecturers, Professionals, Rotarians, Corporate Managers and College Students # Has done the E-Content Development of ICT Subjects like Visual Basic, Programming in C and System Analysis, Design and Development # Has done Content Development for UGC Projects # Has formulated the Mission Statement of Information Technology Professionals Forum, a World Wide Organization for IT professionals # Has written articles on -Websites - To see in Science and Technology Edition of Deccan Herald # Actively involved in the ISO Certification work of CIST # As a Programme Officer for Information Technology Professionals Forum, has interacted with a lot of foreign delegates # Has anchored many University Programmes # Has organised many Seminars, Workshops and Case Studies # Has done Event Management of Two Cultural programmes at International Conferences at CIST
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
None specified
Marty Daffner
New Asia Innovation, Founder & President
Several Unique PowerPoint Presentations were created.
Tracy Eberly
Fang Consulting, Lead Position
Created 1/2 Day Quality Seminar Presentation on 510 (k) Regulations on schedule along with a case study
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