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Pxl Tech

Expert PHP Development with Laravel 5
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About the Company

We are a small team of 2. We are passionate about our job and we always dedicate ourselves 100% to each project we take. We only work on 1 project at once, so you'll always have our full dedication until you're fully satisfied with the results.

We can develop complex dynamic websites and web applications. We specialize in PHP and the Laravel 5 MVC Framework. All code will be optimized for the search engines from the start.

Communication between us and our clients usually happens directly via IM or via e-mail.
Service Description
Our main area of expertise is creating complex websites/web applications with PHP and MySQL..

We will turn any PSD into a clean and responsive webpage.
We invest time, energy and passion in both design quality and usability.

Client-side scripting
Javascript in combination with AJAX and the jQuery library (or other libraries if requested). We consider usability of great importance, so AJAX technology is used where needed.

Server-side scripting:
PHP for programming. Usually in combination with a MVC framework such as Symfony2 or Laravel 5.
MySQL as database. Our database designs are of high standard, normalized, flexible and properly indexed.
Apache as webserver. We can manage your webserver, install extensions and provide your website with clean, SEO-friendly URLs via apache's mod_rewrite.
Syntra Antwerpen-Brussel
Social media consultant
Awarded: 2013
Syntra Antwerpen Brussel
Usability Expert
Awarded: 2013
University of Hasselt
Master in Computer Science + knowledge Engineering
1997 - 2001
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Big projects will be divided into milestones. Elance's escrow is the preferred payment option.
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Pxl Tech