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About the Company

QATestLab is a leading company offering full range of software testing services.

The company has delivered a great number of cost effective and high-quality products across many different industries such as e-commerce, telecommunications, tourism, government, office facilities industry, etc.

Our mission is to solve business problems by delivering high quality services in software testing at the best price.

In our relations with our customers we are always focused on results, fully satisfying us and the customer, and only then we get real pleasure from the done work and tested system.

Our core competence and our passion is the software testing but we offer a full range of QA services, including software quality consulting, test planning, test execution and software development process improvement.

Service Description
There are 5 project directions in our company (software & e-commerce, web & digital agencies, mobile, game, technical programs). Our QA engineers know all the peculiarities in their areas.

Our test engineers perform such kinds of testing activities as:

- Functional testing
- Usability testing;
- User interface testing;
- Cross-browser testing;
- Multi-platform testing;
- Localization testing;
- Regression testing;
- Mobile testing;
- Game testing;
- Black-box testing;
- Internet banking systems testing;
- Exploratory testing;
- Performance testing;
- Security testing;
- Automated testing and others.

Using our professional techniques and tools we will help you to improve the effectiveness of your quality processes, to minimize your risks and to maximize the potential of your business strategies.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
We work on the basis of 3 COOPERATION MODELS:

1) Time and materials
- We coordinate quantity of resources and terms, and determine fee
only for actually spent time.

2) Dedicated team
- If it is critical for you to work with the same testers at your project,
we will provide you the dedicated team for a long time period.

3) Fixed price
- We detect the amount of works and project details. Than we set the fixed
price budget and execution team.

Mikhail Ivanov
Lifard, Director
Our company provides the ready IT solutions for active people, communities, organizations and companies that need to quickly and easily declare themselves in the Internet. In November 2013, we had to test our site and create the necessary technical documents, including user manuals and technical translations. As partners we have chosen the "QATestLab" company. A team of the QATestLab technical writers thoroughly conducted and executed the required documentation. Testing engineers performed the following types of testing: functional testing; cross-browser testing; cross-platform testing. During the testing process the QATestLab specialists performed testing on the iOS and Android operating systems using the broad-spectrum of the popular smartphones and tablets. The required types of work were properly performed. The QATestLab team helped us to significantly improve our site and correct existing defects. Now it can be satisfactory used by our customers who prefer different mobile platforms and browsers. We are satisfied with the mutual cooperation with the testing engineers and technical writer of the "QATestlab" company. They perform their work professionally and within the agreed terms.
Sven Saks
G5, QA director
G5 Entertainment AB company is an international developer of games for iPhone, iPad, PC, PSP, Mac, Android and other platforms and game consoles. We started the partnership with QATestLab testing company in 2012. During this time the employees of the company have shown their ability to approach to the task with a great responsibility and to do their job efficiently and on time. We referred QATestLab to perform professional game testing for iOS and Android. Testers performed the following tasks: localization game testing; functional game testing; checklist based testing; memory measurements. Thanks to the competence of testers and their ability to resolve business issues quickly, our cooperation was pleasant and efficient. Our partnership still continues. We wish QATestLab company professional success. We’ll be happy to continue our cooperation in testing field in future.
Dr. Robert Abbate
One Touch EMR, CEO
We have been working with QATestLab with respect to testing an iPad and Web-based Software application and they have consistently performed top-notch manual testing of our mobile application. Independent verification provided by QATestLab helped us to find defects that we had previously not found, and saved our time during the completion development stage as well as excellent and professional communications. We will be sure to use your testing services again in the future. Thank you to your entire team for all of their hard work as they truly deserve it.
Vladimir Ivanov
Robert Bosch, Germany, Computer Analyst
"Our company "Robert Bosch LTD" had positive experience of cooperation with "Web100 LTD" ("NET Technology Center WEB100" ,"QATestlab" trademarks) as complex software solutions integrator and executor of several projects made according with "Robert Bosh LTD" company requests. During cooperation process we'd admitted high level of professional execution and best quality of solutions, which was ultimately confirmed in challenges and changing conditions of our business. In scope of development company's infrastructure and support project "Web100 LTD" has implemented software solutions and services listed below: Creation and support company web portal Implementing reliable portal content-management system Making a lot of work including consolidation, review, analysis and web-publication of enterprise massive of documents and production catalogs in Internet/lntranet Development of the company Intranet solution and integrated intranet applications Providing trainings of company's personnel Providing consulting services Make promotional actions for company trademark and company production Quality assurance division "QATestlab" had successfully implemented testing support framework for software solutions support which allows to: coverage of more than 90% of delivered functionality with automated regression tests increase the flexibility of time and resources, help to avoid redundancy on test execution, increased test coverage, quality and reliability of the delivered software state compliance of Internet/Intranet websites with corporate design, content and structure to official Bosch Guidelines make structured history of the Bosch Group Web pages relations with corporative information and communication content In result of integrated efforts group of Internet sites of « Robert Bosch LTD » won the first and the second places in global rating "Global Internet Review" in 2007. As official representer of the "Robert Bosch LTD" I could state that we're completely satisfied with our partnership with "Web100 LTD" company and express the hope of fruitful cooperation in future."
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