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About the Company

QATestLab is independent offshore software testing company located in Kiev, Ukraine. The company was established in 2005 and through these years we have delivered a great number of cost effective and high-quality products across many different industries such as e-commerce, telecommunications, tourism, government, office facilities industry, etc.

Our core competence and our passion is the software testing but we offer a full range of QA services, including software quality consulting, test planning, test execution and software development process improvement:

* Wide-range testing including multiplatform, balance and compatibility tests
* Usability and UI (user interface) testing
* Automated testing
* Project management within testing
* Integration with product development team
* Technical installations support on-site for complex testing
Service Description
QATestLab has adapted its experience and expertise to offer a comprehensive, managed testing services. We provide different types of QA services.

Functional Testing

QATestLab team pays attention to functional testing as this type of testing verifies the compliance of developed functions with requirements and specifications, other project documents and simply user's expectations.

Software Product Testing

We offer a full range of services related to software product testing: writing technical specifications for tests (test specifications), driver development for automated testing (test scripts), execution o different types of validation and verification in accordance with the requirements.

Automated Testing

Automated testing allows automatizing a process by means of programmatic scripts. It is the most appropriate type of testing when a product changes often, but has large functionality.

Installation Testing

Installation testing is one of the most important part of testing activities. Installation is the first user's interaction with your product and it is very important to make sure that user does not face any difficulties while installing the software.

Performance Testing

QATestlab believes that performance and load testing activities should be used at early stages of the software development life cycle in order to follow performance related requirements.

Regression Testing

Regression testing means rerunning test cases from existing test suites to ensure that software changes have no unexpected side-effects.

Security Testing

We provide a full cycle of Security Testing to ensure that the information system protects data in the right way and maintains the functionality.

Independent Validation Verification

Software testing should be initiated at the earliest stages of the software development life cycle to ensure quick entry into a market.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing allows verifying the application in different browsers, on different OS, with different software and hardware.

Configuration Testing

QATestLab offers configuration testing service as a special type of testing to verify the operation of software for various system configurations.

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing is testing without beforehand prepared scenarios. Therefore exploratory testing is often criticized - as testers should give up planning and preparation.

Test Process Consulting

We offer effective help in the formation of the QA department in your organization, or opening new areas of specialization in their absence.

Ad Hoc Testing

If you do not have sufficiently detailed software specifications and too much time, we can offer you ad hoc testing.

Multi-Platform Testing

If you need to check the compatibility of your application with different operating systems or screen resolutions, this is the most relevant service for you.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is a type of testing carried out to verify if the product is developed according to the standards and specified criteria, and meets all the requirements specified by customer.

Usability Testing

The usability testing session has become an essential component of any major project. Usability testing offers a rare opportunity to receive feedback from the users before it is too late to do anything about it.

Localization Testing

Localization testing - is testing of localized version of the software product. Software localization is the process of adaptation to the cultural characteristics of some country: translation of the documentation, user interface, supporting materials from one language to another

SEO Testing

SEO testing is inspection of requirements for internal and external website optimization.

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Vladimir Ivanov
Robert Bosch, Germany, Computer Analyst
"Our company "Robert Bosch LTD" had positive experience of cooperation with "Web100 LTD" ("NET Technology Center WEB100" ,"QATestlab" trademarks) as complex software solutions integrator and executor of several projects made according with "Robert Bosh LTD" company requests. During cooperation process we'd admitted high level of professional execution and best quality of solutions, which was ultimately confirmed in challenges and changing conditions of our business. In scope of development company's infrastructure and support project "Web100 LTD" has implemented software solutions and services listed below: Creation and support company web portal Implementing reliable portal content-management system Making a lot of work including consolidation, review, analysis and web-publication of enterprise massive of documents and production catalogs in Internet/lntranet Development of the company Intranet solution and integrated intranet applications Providing trainings of company's personnel Providing consulting services Make promotional actions for company trademark and company production Quality assurance division "QATestlab" had successfully implemented testing support framework for software solutions support which allows to: coverage of more than 90% of delivered functionality with automated regression tests increase the flexibility of time and resources, help to avoid redundancy on test execution, increased test coverage, quality and reliability of the delivered software state compliance of Internet/Intranet websites with corporate design, content and structure to official Bosch Guidelines make structured history of the Bosch Group Web pages relations with corporative information and communication content In result of integrated efforts group of Internet sites of Robert Bosch LTD won the first and the second places in global rating "Global Internet Review" in 2007. As official representer of the "Robert Bosch LTD" I could state that we're completely satisfied with our partnership with "Web100 LTD" company and express the hope of fruitful cooperation in future."
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