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Quality solutions for web and desktop usage
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About the Company

Qualium Systems Ltd is a German / Ukrainian software development company specializing on research & development and IT consulting services. Our main goal is to be a trustworthy partner for our clients and make our collaboration mutually fruitful and successful.

Our company is well-experienced in a wide range of software domains like JavaScript, HTML5, C++, PHP, .NET, Mobile applications.

We provide a full cycle of development going hand in hand with client at all stages:
- Idea development
- Requirements analysis
- Structural and functional design
- Prototyping and documentation
- Programming and testing
- Maintenance and support

Our mission is not in creating numerous software products just to be paid for them. Our experienced team of developers, managers and business analysts strives to do their best for helping every client regardless of project budget.
Service Description
Qualium Systems specializes on custom software development services of all kinds depending on client’s needs. For now our company concentrates on 5 key software domains:
- Web Design & Development
- Desktop & Server Solutions
- Social Media Applications
- Flash & Flex Development
- Dedicated Development Center


Qualium Systems has a professional expertise in a wide range of web solutions varying from simple corporate websites to huge online portals and social networks. Additionally, our software specialists have a large portfolio of "ordinary" web projects like simple online stores, web catalogs and small business websites.

Every web project developed by our specialists has two unquestionable pillars: strong backend and elegant frontend. It means that web application's architecture based on the MVC pattern guarantees logical structure design and effective operation even with intensive user traffic. In the same time, our HTML templates created according to W3C standards and optimized for searching engines (SEO) may include complex, dynamic interface made with jQuery, ExtJS, CSS3 and Flash/Flex.

Third-party script is supposed to be the most convenient option for those seeking for a cost-effective web solution. Our developers provide CMS customization by modifying verified open-source CMS like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Magento to meet client’s specific needs. Following recent trends in mobile web, we are dealing with projects for mobile platforms requiring HTML5, Sencha Touch and PhoneGap. As a stand-alone service, we also offer creation of social media applications like Facebook games developed on PHP/MySQL, Flash and Facebook Graph API.

Using only progressive programming technologies (AJAX, RIA, HTML5), we are able to create the most up-to-date web applications integrated with leading social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and other online services (YouTube, Google Maps).


Special Facebook applications are supposed to be very useful mechanisms for reaching different business goals. These tools have been proved for drawing attention to various goods and new services that can be purchased online as well as special offers, sale giveaways or funny promotional games.

Facebook fan page as official online representative of your company may become an informal updated news channel for those interested in your activities, services or products. And it’s for sure that our creative team can adapt any page with more functional mini-applications developed for client’s needs and wishes.

Every modern website needs a deep social media integration to broaden its audience as well as to allow the visitors to use their social networks profiles without quitting the site. Such online technologies as Facebook Connect, LinkedIn API, Twitter API and YouTube API provides a simple yet functional two-way information exchange with the most popular social networks. Of course, there are lots of other less popular social services that also can be integrated.


The most complicated custom solutions for business processes or graphical cross-platform software products have been traditionally produced by our experienced specialists focusing on time-consuming and labor-intensive researches, system designing and optimal algorithms elaboration.

As a rule, our programmers use C, C++ and C# languages as well as .NET and Qt frameworks. This strict preference is justified by our development priorities like high speed, user-friendly interface and cross-platform compatibility.

Sometimes companies can’t avoid using key manufacturing systems developed 20+ years ago. Especially it relates to some specific stages of process performing without modern automation algorithms. To support such obsolete systems properly, our programmers are skilled enough to develop new versions of the old legacy software according to up-to-date client’s requirements.


We consider Flash and Flex as universal development tools for making visual multiplatform systems with affordable costs. The main feature of solutions developed on Flash is advanced dynamic interface offering good interactivity and broad options for media stream support (live broadcast of audio and video streams).

Our specialization:
• Flash-based websites with CMS and web (RIA) development
• Desktop and mobile (multiplatform) development
• Online games (2D, 3D)
• Applications for video streaming
• Digital home applications (Adobe Flash Lite)

Flash-based web (RIA) applications made both with Flash and Flex technologies appear to be robust instruments for creation of presentation websites or their certain promotional elements. Generally speaking, all our Flex applications have high degree of interactivity and convenience.

Runtime environment Adobe AIR allows compiling and launching programs written on Flash and Flex. So, the pair Flex/AIR is great technological combination for development of both desktop and portable applications working on all basic OSs (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X).

Multiplatform approach implies that web and desktop versions of the same program are designed with minimum efforts, and mobile versions require just little user interface optimization. Despite confrontation of Flash with Apple devices, our Flash mobile applications easily work on various mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Blackberry Tablet OS.

Due to its graphical features, Flash is becoming more demanded technology for 2D and 3D online games development. Our Flash department has a wide experience in games creation with use of Away3D,Papervision3D, Sandy and other 3D engines.


Qualium Systems presents Dedicated Development Center (DDC), a unique cooperation model offering a special team of developers fully involved in your tasks without being distracted by any other projects. Members of such team are selected according to their qualification level, and a certain dedicated manager or team leader is responsible for effective communication, process monitoring, scheduled reporting and observance of appropriate methodology standards.

DDC Business Advantages:
• Flexibility: the number of team members can vary up or down depending on the work scale.
• Cost saving: you won't bother with administrative and organizational troubles related to traditional in-house stuff. All issues like office rent, equipment, training, taxes and accounting will be dealt on our side.
• “Test drive”: you may ask for a small paid test project to see the quality of our services as a basis for future long-term cooperation agreement.

Communication and Reporting Principals:
• Regularity: online or phone meetings in time convenient for a client or his/her representative person.
• Availability: insistent charting (Skype, Gtalk, MSN) or emailing for current issues clarification and direct access to top management in case of emergency.
• Flexible data format: reports on executed work and reached progress are documented in the format suitable for a client. The reports are sent on a weekly basis, although the reporting interval may be changed if necessary.

Risks and Guarantees:
• Contract and commercial confidentiality: we sign an official cooperation agreement: an additional non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is ready to be signed if necessary.
• Source code authorization: all right for the source code are obligatory transferred to you.
• Continuity of development process: even in case of developer’s illness, vacation or failed probation we provide a guarantee for his/her quick substitution.
Project Management
Awarded: 2010
Master C++
Awarded: 2009
Awarded: 2008
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Partner Network Registered Member
Awarded: 2010
NTUU 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute'
Kirill Tysyachnyi, MSc in Compute Science
2003 - 2009
Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University
Aleksey Skachkov, MSc in Mathematics
2007 - 2008
Kharkiv National University of Radio & Electronics
Alexey Voznosimenko, MSc in Computer Science
2002 - 2007
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
For hourly-based contract we submit weekly reports with amount of hours spent by each developer for the customer’s project. At the end of every week the reported man-hours are calculated in client’s invoice to be paid during the next week.

Fixed price project is splitted into milestones approved by the client. The work on every milestone begins with the agreed funds to be put in escrow. Once the milestone has passed (i.e. accepted by the client), we start working on the next one.
Markus Moenig
BrainDistrict GmbH, CEO
We did a rather big project with Qualium Systems and were very happy with the work attitude, professionalism and technical skills. I don't think we could have asked for a better contractor, their commitment to bringing our product in time into the AppStores was sensational. I can only recommend Qualium to anybody who is looking for a reliable development partner. I will for sure work with them again in the future.
Rafael Pietrzyk
Cint AB / Sweden, Business Area Manager
Qualium-Systems have done an excellent job, adhering proactively and with detail to all my specifications. Quick work, excellent communication, good eye for details that even I missed at times. This team are not afraid to tell you if something can be done better, or if the features that you have suggested do not add up somehow, which a trait that I admire among programmers. Furthermore, working with them allowed me to develop in my role as a product owner, and I am looking forward to working with them again.
Mark Neal
Leicester Website Design / United Kingdom, Proprietor
I have employed Dmitriy Stetsenko’s from Qualium Systems services for over two years for various website development projects. I have always found him and his team to be reliable, creative and have an excellent understanding of requirements for all the specifications and proposals I have asked them to quote on. Communications and language always in English have been excellent. Projects have always been delivered on time with very good programming, all issues and bugs have been corrected quickly. After sales service has been excellent.
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