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Pablo S.

Web technology- ImageProcessing- Comp.Intelligence
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Our company is specialized in two diferent areas:
1 - Web development, applications for mobile devices and Software as a service (SaaS) in general.
2 - Development of engineering applications in the field of image processing and computational intelligence.
Our main goal is to provide high quality solutions, efficiently managing the variables: scope, cost and time. To accomplish this, the one hand, we have a staff highly trained, enabling the final product / service is a superior user experience, and on the other, manage projects according to guidelines of the Project Management Institute (PMI) .
Committed to results. We work with the utmost responsibility and efficiency to our clients' objectives are achieved.
All our work is carried out with the utmost seriousness, professionalism and close communication with our customers.
Service Description
Our development team is comprised of advanced students in computer engineering career, and specialize according to their job within the company:

1) In Web development, applications for mobile devices and Software as a Service (SaaS) generally, have experience and knowledge in the following technologies:
- Web Programming: html, javascript, css, php.
- WordPress: templates, plugins.
- Database management: sql, mysql
- Desktop Applications:, c #, c + +, Java
- Applications and Mobile Games: Android and iPhone.

2) In the field of image processing applications are as object recognition, object tracking, face recognition, signs and many more. For these applications we have expertise in different enhancement techniques, restoration and segmentation, such as edge detection, filtering, binarization, region growing, etc..
For the development of applications that require use of these techniques:
- CImg Library and OpenCV for image processing and video respectively.
- Matlab.
- Desktop applications: c + +.

Moreover, in Computational Intelligence, our team specializes in Self Organizational maps (SOM), neural networks, genetic algorithms, particle swarm and ant colonies.
To develop applications that require these techniques use c + +.
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Pablo S. | Elance

Pablo S.