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Experienced Flash Developer & HTML5 animator
   United Kingdom
  |   Darlington, England
  |  5:13 pm Local Time

About the Company

Experienced Flash developer with over 12 years under my belt and 300+ projects completed here at Elance (check my glowing feedback comments and scores).

Despite being a champion of Flash, I realise that i-devices / other mobile devices don't run Flash. So I've been using Adobe Edge since the first preview version. From a developer's perspective, the workflow within Edge Animate is very similar to Flash, so it's been an easy and rapid transition for me to use the application. Edge Animate produces HTML5 / CSS / Javascript animated content that plays on all modern browsers, including tablets and mobiles.

You will never have any communication issues with me for a couple of reasons. 1) I am extremely literate and understand the nuances of the English language and 2) I'm not frightened to ask questions to be sure I fully understand the brief.

I'm almost never the cheapest bid on a project, but if you choose me you will not regret doing so.
Service Description
I'm a Flash developer and HTML5 animator working in the UK, but can work hours to suit the client, whatever country they are in.

I've worked for major multinational businesses in the UK, and before going freelance I held a senior national training post with Europe's largest electrical retail chain.

I am not allowed to share urls in my profile, but I *am* allowed to do so if you message me. So send me an invite or a message and I can share examples of the 300+ projects completed here, along with all my positive client feedback. Let me know if there is some specific technique or approach you want to see evidence of.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
For most projects I need no upfront payments, and only ask you to release the project fee after you are 100% happy with the work.

For larger projects with a more lengthy timescale I may ask for partial release of funds according to project milestones that we both agree upon. In such cases I would ask for 50% of the project fee to be spaced over the milestones, and the final 50% released only after the project is 100% complete.
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