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Rafael Fontes

Obsessively accurate
   United States
  |   Brooklyn, NY
  |  7:25 am Local Time


Language pairs: Spanish, Portuguese, English
Mother tongue English
Fluent Spanish and Portuguese
Read/written French, Cape Verdean Creole
Read Catalan
Service Description
I am a native speaker of US English, and I lived in Europe (Southern Portugal) during my adolescence. While in Europe, I acquired fluency in Portuguese and Spanish. In addition, I studied French while abroad, and it was a major course of study, along with Spanish, when I entered college in the US.

I have been back in the United States for ten years now, and I work as a professional interpreter and freelance translator. I work with English, Spanish, and European/African Portuguese, primarily, but can translate from Brazilian Portuguese and French to English, also.

I recently translated the advertising/informational materials for a non-profit group that focuses on computer technology and literacy, Free Geek (http://www.freegeek.org/). I have also been selected to provide new translations for their website and review the existing versions in Spanish.

If you require proofreading in English, I would be happy to assist with corrections, both according to standard grammar and according to current colloquial or professional use of the language. I have European and US citizenship, should there be any concerns over work permits or other legal matters.

My rates may be flexible depending on volume of work and other considerations.
University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
Bachelor's Degree, Spanish and French.
2000 - 2004
Executive Linguist Agency, Inc.
Freelance Interpreter
2009 - Present
On-site interpreter and translator for Portland, OR, area.
Passport to Languages
Freelance Interpreter
2009 - Present
Spanish and Portuguese interpreter.
All In Spanish, LLC
Freelance Interpreter
2008 - Present
Interpret for Spanish-speaking patients/guardians and English-speaking providers at dental and pediatric health care appointments.
Freelance Interpreter
2008 - 2009
Spanish/English/Portuguese. On-site: Medical/psychiatric appointments, dental appointments, government body interviews; Telephonic: Health care appointments, police questioning, customer service phone calls.
Payment Terms
I have been reprimanded for mentioning payment options outside of Elance. That aside, my rates are negotiable according to considerations such as volume, future collaboration prospects, and recognition.
As a freelance interpreter, my free time varies from week to week. My usual turnaround time averages roughly a day per every 4000 words when terminology is not specific or technical.
Rafael Fontes | Elance

Rafael Fontes