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About the Company

We are a team of talented software engineers, designers and developers fueled by a passion to build software for successful online businesses. Our experts team at AdolMedia has been a market leader in e-commerce applications based on Magento, Web application frameworks (like Zend, CodeIgniter) , and Mobile application platforms like iPhone, Android and windows Mobile.
Service Description
Our primary focus is to deliver our clients the software that will help them establish a successful online businesses, maximize their profits and spread their horizons. Established in 2008, AdolMedia has served to more than 130+ clients from different industries across the globe . Our clients always had their highest level of satisfaction with us.
Coimbatore Institute of Technology
BE - Bachelor of Engineering (in Civil Engineering)
2004 - 2008
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
For projects less than 1000$,
50% Upfront,
40% upon completion and
10% after final delivery and testing.

For Projects between 1000$ to 5000$,
30% Upfront,
60% split into different phases within the project
10% after final delivery and testing.

For projects above 5000$,

Each individual cases will be discussed.
Ryan Ledendecker
OneSJS, Managing Director
Complete E-Commerce solutions design for the company using Magneto platform. Was responsible for design, customizations to deployment in the server. Also responsible for ongoing maintenance for the platform
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