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About the Company

Web development and design specializing in HTML5 animation, IBook, EBook publishing, presentations, Keynote, Powerpoint, Prezi, Camtasia, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, xhtml, table and tableless css designs, slideshow galleries, Illustrator, Premiere, Quicktime, Final Cut Pro. All work is guaranteed for 100% satisfaction. I strive in customer satisfaction and always meet the needs of clients. Easy to communicate and available thru PM, email, Skype, IM and phone.
Service Description
Full websites
HTML, Flash, HTML5, Wordpress

Powerpoint, Keynote, Camtasia, Prezi and Flash.

Flash to HTML5
Converting existing Flash documents into HTML5 animations using apps like Adobe Edge andTumult Hype

Video Editing
Proficient in Adobe Premiere , Adobe,After Effects, Quicktime Pro, Final Cut Pro and Flash. I can create and edit videos for You Tube, websites and tutorials made using Camtasia to display software walk thrus and access with zooms, call outs and provide voiceovers for these and all other videos / presentations. I can include samples of my voice if need be.

EBooks - Conversions

-MS Word to ePub/Kindle
-PDF to ePub/Kindle
-InDesign to ePub/Kindle
-QuarkXpress to ePub/Kindle
-Smashwords eBooks
-CreateSpace Print-on-Demand

Epub Creation
InDesign, IBooks Author, Pages, Sigil and Calibri to create/ convert content which is viewable on/in Kindle, Nook, IPad, Adobe Digital Edition reader, IPhone and other apps/ readers.

There are many different formats when creating e pub documents, as well as fixed layouts, fluid layouts and a lot of other facts you must consider.

2 types of books:

flowing layout
Used for text heavy books, text is flowable and resizes to the specific reader it is viewed on. Loses all original header and footer notes ( must be added manually in the epub conversion) Flowing layout can be viewed on any ebook reader including IPad and iPhone.

Fixed layout:
Used for image heavy books ( photography , designers etc) these books have fixed size pages which hold images that can be the exact size of the entire page to have images displayed across two pages. As of writing this ONLY IPAD2 and IPHONE support this format. There are hacks to get this to view on Kindle but not foolproof. This format is VERY LABOR INTENSIVE AND REQUIRES MANUAL CODING.

Your files should be in the following formats

microsoft word ( with styling)

InDesign -created using the articles panel

.pdf file - By far the WORST files to convert ( files need to be converted to html, edited THEN converted to epub followed by css editing

Epubs are very complicated and you will no doubt get low bids from low rated contractors. Going that route you run the risk of problems with your file validating on sites like Apple I Book Store, Barnes and Noble and other Publishers.

Read Aloud Epubs

Are currently formatted for the Apple Store, I can provide this type of epub in a Fixed Layout which is perfect for Childrens Books. Apple IPad2 uses an automatic and manual feature when opening the book. I can also have your Read Aloud book operate using "touch triggered " which would read the book by touching the word on the screen. Epubs are the fastest growing media in the last year, do not get caught up in hiring anyone who does not know ALL the formats, ALL the publishers
and ALL the validators. When I do epubs I do not only guarantee the job but I also guarantee that the book WILL VALIDATE on ALL formats.

Good Work Is Not Cheap, Cheap Work Is Not Good!

Dagware Media - New York Grooves
1998 - Present
Maintaining web sites, coding html, CSS, Flash content , Photoshop, Illustrator. FTP access via Dreamweaver and Fetch on both a Macintosh and pc platforms
U.S. distribution and Media
2002 - 2007
Designed, upload content, maintained weekly prices, selling merchandise on udggear.com and our ebay store
Prudential Financial
Operations Analyst
2001 - 2002
Worked on the client services desk, maintaining cma account functions, cash transfers, on line support and providing account information for high net worth individuals
Prudential Financial
National Client Center
1999 - 2000
Navigated clients to access pru.fn.com troubleshooting browser, system and access issues along with providing support for Prutrade the online trading system for the company as well as support for cma accounts interacting with financial advisors and clients.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
I work on Elance Escrow Projects only. I remain flexible about payment terms; however, I use the following as a general rule:

$50 - $499
50% escrow deposit due at start of project
40% due upon receipt of first draft or milestone
10% due at project's completion

$500 - $1,999
40% escrow deposit due at start of project
30% due upon receipt of first draft or milestone
30% due at project's completion

30% escrow deposit due at start of project
20% due upon receipt of first draft or milestone
50% due at project's completion
Julie Seprovic
Industrial Strength, vice president co owner
maintanance on website content updates, html text, jpg, Flash
Michael Schmeitz
Ultimate Dj Gear, Owner
Ran the media department in charge of all multimedia including website content, Flash Banners, updating CMS database and doing all marketing adverts for udggear.com
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