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Rare Breed IT

IT Systems Support, Software and Web development
   United Kingdom
  |   London, England
  |  12:39 am Local Time

About the Company

We are a supplier of IT services to businesses worldwide. We have been delivering quality services since 2002 providing reliable, professional and cost-effective services to businesses of all sizes.

We are very organized, diligent and committed to delivering quality services. We are innovative problem solvers and often add additional value on projects by leveraging our vast experience and pool of expertise.

We work with a wide range of business types from start ups and small businesses right up to large enterprises. We are able to manage projects in entirety or work alongside in-house teams to provide specialist knowledge and skills.

We are new to Elance and plan to become a major provider of services within this competitive marketplace. Outside of Elance we have over 10 years of trading and grown from our initial focus of 24/7 System and Network Administration and then added highly complex custom software development and more recently a dedicated Web team.

Service Description
In order to deliver high quality and provide comprehensive solutions to our clients we have a full range of services.

Our Services

1) System and Network Administration including proactive monitoring (Windows and Linux environments)
2) Custom Software Development (Windows .Net technologies and open source PHP/MySQL etc)
3) Software Quality Assurance and Testing
4) User Support Desk technical support - 24/7
5) Logo and Website Design
6) WordPress CMS and Plugin development
7) Custom Website Development
8) SEO - professional, best practice.
9) Administrative Support / data manipulation / website updating
10) Project Management

When you work with Rare Breed IT you will get the benefit of having your project professionally managed and resourced. We bring immense experience to each job and use our own in-house project management systems that allow us to manage large and small projects efficiently. This is a much more cost effective way to work than trying to build your own team through individuals who are not used to working together and use disparate management systems. If you have tried to resource a project this way before you will know what I mean.

Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
"Fixed price contract"
This is when the task is fully defined and the exact cost is agreed between th client and Rare Breed IT

"Time & material basis"
This is used when the project or task can't be fully defined in advance. The project will be defined in terms of stages and outcomes but the time taken is unknown in advance as a result of lack of definition in the project or task. The customer may know the approximate cost and will be given updates as the work progresses.
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Rare Breed IT