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Rashidul I.

Senior Developer & Architect (7yrs+)
  |   dhaka, dhaka
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Exhaustive skill and business professional expertise to provide efficient and elegant solutions with the following tools and technologies :

NodeJS, Redis, oAuth, RequireJS, ExpressJS, Swig/Jade Template, WebSocket/Socket.IO, MongoDB(Mongolian, NativeClient, Mongoose), MySQL(Sequelize)

Sencha(Extjs 4.x), Sencha Touch 2.x, Phonegap, iPhone, iPad, Android

Javascript, AJAX, JQuery/JQuery UI, Bootstrap, Mustache, Handlebars, Backbone.js, Knockoutjs, Underscore.js, Prototype, JSBuilder, JSLINT


C# .Net, LINQ, MVC4, EF4

Ruby on Rails, Heroku

PHP, CakePHP, Wordpress,

Sql Server 2008/2012, Oracle, MySQL, Postgresql, Access

GIS (Google maps API, Autodesk Mapguide Enterprise/ Open source)

Social networking API experience (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Version Control System( SVN, Git)

Amazon EC2, Cloud, Slicehost

OS Proficiency : Windows, Linux(UBUNTU), Mac OSX

Basecamp, Pivot
Service Description
Project Code: Pixelpong
Environment : Node.js, Web socket/Socket I.O, Javascript, Backbone.js, HTML5, CSS/CSS3, MongoDB
Description : Itís a web application for creating project based on certain subject where the project is initialized with an screenshot or image. Then it allows to give comments, real time feedback, draw over the image, save, edit, restoring, clearing and adding notes, versioning of the images and so on.
Url : http://li246-79.members.linode.com:8088/

Project Code: WindowGrid
Environment : Extjs 4.1, HTML5, CSS3/SCSS
Description : In this project I have developed lots of Sencha chart like Scatter chart, Line chart, Bar/Groupped Bar Chart, Gauge chart, so many grids, report, window with heavily customization and overriding and allows to download the page as standalone html and print the page dynamically.

Project Code: Quizz
Environment : MongoDB, Node.js, Sencha Touch 2, CSS/CSS3.
Description : Mobile application run on iPad, iOS and android. This is application is for multiple choice questions in special format of like, prefer, dislike and ok. Results are shown in graphical bar percentage format, list of source and complete description.

Project Code: Cooees
Environment : MongoDB, Node.js, Javascript, Jquery, Google Map, HTML5, CSS/CSS3
Description : GIS application with lots features like facebook oAuth login, create new posts, adding post as mark over map, searching nearest areas based on lat/lon, time, price, reply posts
Url : http://cooees.com.au

Project Code: Deployments
Environment : MongoDB, Node.js, Sencha Touch 2, HTML5, CSS/CSS3
Description: Web application that runs on iOS for iPhone/iPad. The main feature is to show deployment status for various project in a customized List/Grid, lists complaints, reply to the complaints and assign a task the developers through mail

Project Code: Mobile Data Explorer
Environment : Node.js, MongoDB, Sencha Touch 2, CSS/CSS3, SASS/Compass
Description : Simple web application compatible with iOS(iPhone, iPad). It allows to review and analysis data, return feedback through iPhone/iPad

Project Code: Kinzaa
Environment : PHP, Drupal, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery, CSS/CSS3
Description : Kinzaa lets you build visually stunning infographic resumes. Our goal is for your resume to accurately reflect your talents, strengths and experience in a format that takes minutes to create and seconds to review.
Url : www.kinzaa.com

Project Code: Remby
Environment : PHP, Drupal, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery, CSS/CSS3
Description: Remby is an easy way to create impressive blog posts. Use text, images and video from anywhere and create the layouts you want. Use our tools to collect items from the web or drag to upload from your computer.
Url : www.remby.com

Project Code: Formhog
Environment : NodeJS, MongoDB, Javascript, Ajax, Extjs/Sencha, .Net 4.0
Description : This is an enterprise forms application system that allows users to create and distribute electronic forms though online, manage complex approval processes and run extensive reports on the data collected
Url : www.formhog.com

Project Code: PSOM
Environment : Extjs, Ajax, .Net., Web sevices, Oracle, MapGuide
Description: This is a GIS application for schiphol Airport in Nederlands. The main functionality of the application is viewing, adding and maintaining of airport resources like buildings, rooms, furnitures, runways and so on. There are two types of images in the application named raster and vector data.

Product Code: Synion
Environment : C# .NET, Access
Project Description:
This is a small scale console application that will be used in another application as a library. It works as an xml parser by using regular expression. It takes an xml document path and the delimiter by which the document should be parsed. Then it returns a collection of the tag which matches in the document.

Product Code: IND [GIS Application]
Environment : .Net., PHP, ASP, PostgreSQL Database, Ajax
Project Description:
IND is GIS software for a Nederland Government Immigration department who manages the asylums entered in Nederland from outer Countries. This software has some special features:
- Listing/Viewing/Printing the report data to map viewer
- Height/Distance measurement of any point in the world
- Showing detail information for any special place in the world
- Saving and restoring the dynamic/Static data in special container called snapshot
- Google earth integration with map data
- Zoom in/out/to, dynamic zoom, pan of map like Google earth.
- Tile generator
Url: http://ind.hawarit.com/mapguide/ind/

Product Code: WN05
Environment : C# .NET, Access
Project Description:
This is complete windows application for an electronics company in Nederland. There is a central database in the Manufacturer Company and the client downloads the latest one and sees the latest models are available from there. Then they can create the orders of the necessary designs/symbols by drawing the patterns from templates in the UI.

Product Name: Automization Hanzedruk
Environment : ASP .Net, Ajax, MM Flash, MySQL, hMailserver
Project Description:
The core part of this application is mail management. hMailserver was used as mail server. There was an advertisement part where the companies can advertise there products. The customer can order through the application. The ordering procedure includes bidirectional mailing with large document attachment.

Project Code: VDL-ECN
Environment : .NET, ASP, PDF Sharp, Ajax, Oracle 10g/ SQL Server 2008
Project Description:
This is "document management system". We have enhanced it in some extent and beautified the system, such as batch job creation, windows service for batch job printing, Role and security implementation, Viewing DWF/PDF/TIFF/TIF documents in the browser
Url: http://mail.dijkoraad-hawar.nl/vdl/

Project Code: PTMS
Environment : ASP .Net, Ajax, PostgreSQL
Project Description:
This is Project Task Monitoring/Management System (PTMS). This application was designed for companyís internal uses. The project tasks are distributed among the team members and these are automatically documented in the central database. This reduces the manual overhead of management team. There was also attendance/ Leave module for keeping history of employee.

Project Name: TK03
Environment : ASP .Net, Classic Ajax, PDF Sharp, PostgreSQL
Project Description:
This is large scale distributed web applications developed for a software industry in Netherlands. The application support Transport, Credit Invoice, Debit Invoice, Sales System, Mailing System, Booking System, and Data Import from a web service. Different type of report are also developed using crystal report.

Project Code: NineSync (SOALIB)
Environment : J2SE, Web Services
Project Description:
This is data synchronization software with
i. File Synchronization
ii. Database Synchronization.
File Synchronization includes FTP/ SFTP/WebNFS protocol. The FTP and SFTP protocols are server based and WebNFS is file sharing based.
Database synchronization module supports 8 databases which are: Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Informix, MySQL, Access, HSQL. The database synchronization supported two methodologies i. Normal Synchronization ii. SSL Synchronization. Also Auto Synchronization, Incremental update, cross platform synchronization, Batch synchronization.
Url : http://www.ninestep.com

Project Name: ZipPrinter
Environment : J2SE
Project Description:
This is small web application which was implemented by applet. The main functionality of the application is printing zip file(s) content.
Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology
B.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering
2000 - 2004
Independent Contributor
Freelance Developer
2010 - Present
I have left all full time jobs and now working as a freelance developer in odesk and trying over here in elance.
HawarIT Limited
Sr. Software Engineer
2006 - 2010
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