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Ravindra B.

Impeccable punctuation and flawless grammar
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"WOW!!!!! You did a FABULOUS JOB!!!!" said Steven Sisler, Behavioral Psychologist and author of seven books.

For impeccable punctuation and flawless grammar, look no further.

I am a native-English speaker.

I am ranked within the top 1% of all Elance providers in English Punctuation and English Grammar, and within the top 5% in English Proofing.

In addition, I am a seasoned postgraduate and possess exceptional analytical and communication skills.

I am intelligent, articulate, resourceful, and dependable.

I have the ability to transform complex matter into a simple and easily comprehensible form. As an analyst, I can extract the gist and synthesize the essentials.

I was in the USA for seven years, and I received the Best Teacher award there.

I am member of the honor societies Tau Beta Pi and Phi Kappa Phi.

I have a keen eye for detail, and I can work with a minimum of supervision.
Service Description
Professional Quality at an Affordable Price

For impeccable punctuation and flawless grammar, look no further.

I am a seasoned postgraduate and possess exceptional analytical and communication skills.

I am intelligent, erudite, articulate, resourceful, and dependable.

I have the ability to transform complex matter into a simple and easily digestible form. This is my strong point. At the same time, you can rest assured that my work will meet the most stringent writing standards. Please see my test scores.

My writing is clean and crisp, and makes for an easy read and complete comprehension.

You can provide matter in any of the following formats:
- transcription
- handwritten notes
- typed manuscripts

Please note that though I have used US English and punctuation here, I am equally comfortable with British English and punctuation.

I am an eagle-eyed perfectionist.

I don't take shortcuts: I always proof/edit a printed copy.

You can rest assured that the punctuation and grammar will be bulletproof, but your natural style will remain unaffected.

I shall check all aspects of grammar including the following:
- Run-on sentences and Comma splices
- Subject-Verb Agreement
- Verb Tense Consistency
- Active-Passive Voice
- Avoiding Shifts
- Pronoun Antecedent
- Pronoun Case
- Pronoun Reference
- Misplaced Modifiers
- Comparison
- Parallelism

Also, I shall check all aspects of punctuation including the following:
- Periods, commas, colons, semicolons, hyphen, and dash
- Parenthesis, brackets, and ellipsis
- Italics and quotation marks
- Capitalization, and abbreviations
- Numbers

I shall ensure correct spellings (including compound words), idioms, and diction.

For academic work, I shall check the following:
- Adherence to the specified style (CMOS, APA, Oxford, In-house)
- Footnotes, citations, reference list, bibliography
- Formatting and Captions of figures and tables
- Quotations (in-line and block)

I will read, assimilate, reorganize, clean up, add content (where necessary), and polish your material to produce a logical, cohesive, smooth-flowing picture-perfect book/document.

While I might remove some redundancies, I may, if required, intentionally introduce some repetitions to enhance the readability and flow (particularly for manuals and textbooks).

I will put the finished product in any style or format that you specify, whether it be a standard such as the Chicago Style , APA, or Oxford Style, or your own in-house style.

Because of my extensive education and rich experience, in industry and education, I am capable of handling a wide range of jobs
- Academic proofing and editing
- Fiction proofing and editing
- Business proofing and editing
- General proofing and editing
- Research and analysis
- Technical and academic writing
- Academic writing
- Creative writing
- Sheltering /abridging/summarizing
- Formatting eBooks in MS Word (including TOC, TOI, headers, footers, etc.)
- Formatting for CreateSpace POD
- Creating eBooks (mobi, epub)
- Exam paper creation - SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, etc.
- SEO writing
- Blog writing
- White papers creation

I can write on a wide variety of topics: current affairs, politics, sports, economics, science, and technology.

I can mold my writing to suit the target audience, whether they are technocrats, diplomats, bureaucrats, business people, the common person, or a young impressionable student.

The emphasis in my work always lies on getting the message across efficiently, simply, and unambiguously.

I do multiple rounds of editing until I am thoroughly satisfied that the finished product is perfect.

I always proof a printed copy before modifying the word document.

My experience as a systems analyst has ingrained in me the importance and necessity of understanding the precise requirements of the client before embarking on a project.

I give regular feedback to the client so that the project remains on track, and the finished product meets or exceeds the expectations of the client. Hence, there is very little room for a nasty surprise at the end of the project.

My background is as follows:
- I was educated at an elite Christian boarding school.
- I excelled in academics and sports, both in school and in college.
- I earned a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kgp (considered one of the best in the world).
- I earned a master’s degree in Engr. Mechanics and another in Mathematics from USA.
- I have about a 50:50 experience in industry and teaching.
- I have worked in Corporate Offices, and I have taught Engineering and Mathematics at university and school level.

Experience: 34 years

Areas of experience:
- Teaching: Engineering, Mathematics, Physics
- Systems Analysis & Software Development: Clipper, c, AutoLISP
- Engineering: CAD, Project management, Training & Management of Production Center
- Research & Writing: Technical and Academic research and report writing
- Proofing and editing of material in UK, Canadian and US English.

Honors & Awards:
- Best Teacher of the Year (USA)
- Member of the honor society PHI KAPPA PHI (USA)
- Member of engineering honor Society Tau Beta Pi (USA)
- Graduate fellowship

Client Testimonials:

Stevensisler (USA) : [Spell and grammar proofread a manuscript (Chicago Manual of Style)] “Simply put... INCREDIBLE!”

Avaldsnes (Norway): [English proofreading of article - 9314 words (UK English for Elsevier)] “A very good proofreader and editor. Thanks!”

Avaldsnes (Norway): [Proofread an article of 13 pages - 5378 words (UK English)] "Excellent!"

Avaldsnes (Norway): [Proofread/edit aricle of approximately 9000 words(Chicago Manual of Style)] "Great work as last time. Thank you! "

Avaldsnes (Norway): [Proofread article on 26 pages (APA Style)] "I am very satisfied with this workers proofreading of articles."

Babongile (RSA): [Edit My Book] "I'm extremely satisfied with the work, professionalism and prompt response and initiative taken by this freelancer. I'll definitely recommend him for other jobs."

Trader59 (USA): [User Manual] "Ravi_IITian is extremely professional and knows how to approach writing a very advanced, one of a kind trading manual, which was no small task."

Mohibs (USA): [Website Content Creation and Proofreading] "Truly Exceptional!! It was a great experience. Professional work, timely updates and helpful support. It's been great. Highly Recommended!"

Gr8stock (Canada): [Website Proofreading and Grammar check] "Great job ! I will assign my future jobs to this individual. Strongly recommend !!!"

FirstClassContent (UK): [Deep Thinkers Wanted] "Very good writing and good to work with."

Catek (Japan): [Ghost Writer for technical/academic book chapter] "Excellent job!"

RitaJan (USA): [Hiring full-time/part-time freelancers for our company.] "I like your wide variety of writing styles.

Igeostore (Canada): [Writing informative piece from upto 4500 word information summary] "Great work, highly recommended."

Johncarvalho (Canada): [White Paper - Construction, Concrete Vs. Steel] "Very good work. Extremely happy with the end product."

More about me:

1) As a youngster, I devoured books, reading more than 100 books a year.

2) Some of the textbooks at my school were as follows:
- The Thirty-Nine Steps
- Kidnapped
- To Kill a Mockingbird
- Lord of the Flies
- Pygmalion
- Julius Caesar
- Macbeth

3) I watch BBC World and CNN regularly.

4) I am a member of several technology forums.
Southern Illinois University
Masters Engineering Mechanics
1980 -
Southern Illinois University
Masters Mathematics
1984 - 1986
Indian Institute of Technology
Mechanical Engineering
1975 - 1980
Payment Terms
In accordance with terms set by Elance.

I accept only fixed-price jobs with a minimum payment of $20.
Ravindra B. | Elance

Ravindra B.