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Ryan Barone

MBA with the words and ideas that generate sales
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I am more than just a word plotter or a sentence organizer...I am a believer in the fact that the most interesting writing, business name, or ad campaign stirs some sort of emotion--even if it's something as lifeless as an instruction manual, or taxes. My products are better - and more affordable - than anything that you'll receive from others. It's not just confidence, but experience. I've successfully completed over 150 projects on Elance alone.

My interests are sports and entertainment, but I work with most subjects in most industries. I possess an MBA and a bachelor's degree in Marketing, to go along with 7 years of industry experience and a position as a fully-employed SEO.

I don't view any of this as a job; but rather, a fun hobby. Thus, I'm able to care for a project more than someone who is simply in the business to pump out tasks in order to move on to the next.
Service Description
Rent my words; let me write your press releases, articles, web content, blog posts, query, intro, and cover letters, resumes, advertising copy, editorial, and pretty much anything else you need.

Rent my ideas; let me brainstorm and come up with the creative assets you need to set you or your business apart.
Santa Clara University
Masters of Business Administration - MBA
2008 - 2011
Arizona State University
Bachelors of Science - Marketing
2002 - 2006
Employed Full Time
Employer Requires I Keep Information Private
2008 - Present
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Escrow is the way to go.
Ryan Barone | Elance

Ryan Barone