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Martin S.

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Whatever your writing needs, I can accommodate you, from short stories, to novellas, both fiction and non-fiction. I have written professionally for close to 10 years and writing credits include articles in local newspapers, and lots of freelance work in the real estate industry. I am also the author of a self-published how-to e-book.

The attitude I take on my writing, regardless of the type, or size of the project, is that it is an opportunity for growth. The NY Times Bestseller list is full of people that refused to settle for anything but the best, and I am following suit. I choose to Dare Greatly on each and every project.

My copy is written in a very basic style, as to be almost a personalized experience. Having written thousands of words of real estate copy, which can easily and quickly go over the heads of its audience, I am sensitive to being able to connect with my audience.

Work I do is on time, and will be done to your satisfaction.
Service Description
Illinois Department of Financial Regulations
Licensed Mortgage Originator
Awarded: 2006
Keller Graduate School of Management
1996 - 2000
California State University Hayward
BS, Finance
1986 - 1991
Payment Terms
50% of projected cost of project to be escrowed through eLance for new clients.

Projects taking more than 5 business days to complete will have milestones attached to them, and payments to be made along the way to completion.

I will respond to client emails and other correspondence within one business days of it being sent.
Martin S. | Elance

Martin S.