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Reno Charlton

Copywriter and award-winning author
   United Kingdom
  |   WEST BROMWICH, West Midlands


A fully qualified copywriter with the Institute of Copywriting (Dip CW), as well as a published author, I have worked with a global client base producing high quality copy for companies such as: travel websites, financial institutions and credit card firms, charities, government agencies, personal injury lawyers, medical/cancer information sites, entertainment companies and many others.

I am also an experienced proofreader and copyeditor, having studied with Chapterhouse. I have undertaken writing assignments in various fields including: novels and short stories; articles; newsletters and e-zines; press releases; features; and much more.
Service Description
Having worked with many clients from around the world I have a wide range of writing experience in many diverse fields. My writing experience includes: several children's novels; writing and editing articles for newsletters and e-zines for a national Housing Association; writing articles for Animal News Center - New York; producing high quality copy and articles for numerous websites; and ghost writing e-books. I am a published author and have won an award from Curtis Brown Literary Agency for my short story writing.

My writing skills, qualifications, and experience enable me to provide copywriting services in many different areas and for a global client base. Amongst the services that I offer are: general articles, SEO copy, direct sales letters, press releases, fictional work, e-books, article rewrites, marketing materials and news articles.

Some of the topics and subject matters that I have covered in my copy include: travel, pets, dog breeds, mesothelioma, medical, legal, fashion, entertainment, finance, broadband and communications, music, health and beauty, diet and fitness and celebrities.

I offer highly competitive rates that always include any requested amendments to work submitted to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Why look for quality writers for your business?

When I go onto a website and find that it is poorly designed with content that is inaccurate or badly written, I hit the back key on my computer - I don't feel confident buying from sites that look unprofessional and many others feel the same way. This is something that you need to bear in mind when choosing a writer, as the content on a site is a huge part of the overall customer experience. Of course, you don't want to pay over the odds for the work you require so you should always look at getting competitive pricing. However, you also need to be aware that if the price seems too good to be true...then it probably is!

Some buyers will automatically go for the lowest bidders on their projects. Sometimes that works out fine because the buyer doesn't need particularly high quality work or the provider actually is one of those who is able to charge rock bottom prices for quality, original writing. However, whilst it may look as though you are saving a shed load of money it can end up being a false economy where you end up having to pay someone else to do the work properly after having already paid the first provider. I have also seen many buyers who state in their project description that they want very high quality writers for 500 word articles, 100 percent original content and a fast turnaround - and they are 'willing' to pay $2 per article. To most writers with skill and integrity this is an insult to their profession and for those that carry out thorough research and do a good job with original work it would not be viable as they would not be making a living.

There have been MANY occasions where buyers have approached me after awarding a job to another provider who is charging next to nothing for services only to find that they do a really bad job or worse still they have simply copied and pasted content from other sites and tried to pass it off as their own - something that could have legal implications for you as well as being a waste of your money!

Writing services are like any other service or product in that you get what you pay for. One client came to me for writing services after realizing the work he had received from another 'very cheap' provider was a copy and paste job. He said to me "I should have realized that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys". Whilst this is not always the case, it is definitely an addage worth bearing in mind when choosing a provider.

Institute of Copywriting
Diploma in Copywriting
Awarded: 2003
Institute of Copywriting
Diploma in Copywriting
RKC Copywriting
Sole proprieter
2004 - Present
Payment Terms
Payment terms: within 10 days of completion (negotiable)

Turnaround time: dependent on project.

Reno Charlton | Elance

Reno Charlton