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Responsive Technologies

J2EE,Java,web development
  |   Tianjin, Tianjin

About the Company

Our team are all experienced techs in this field, we will try every effort of us to make our guest 100% satisfaction.
Our aim is providing customized IT solutions to enterprise customers and helping them implement corporate strategies to meet the new challenges in the global market place
Service Description
We are a multimedia related service supplier. Our team is composed of veterans with 3-5 years experience in the fields. We aim to supply high quality, rapid delivery, cost effective and value added service to our customers.

In addition to the skills of individuals, good production process is the key to high quality. We have the concept of PSP, TSP and CMM and practise the process in medium-scale projects. A good process is a half to a successful project.

All our team members are veterans who are proficient in their specific fields. What's more, we have plenty of program modules and graphics in stock. By reusing them we can deliver projects rapidly.

We are locate in mainland China, the labour price is low by nature. The overhead of our team is limited. So we have the ability to supply low price service.

We try to reduce the customer's time spending on their projects. Project Manager who really knows the status of the project instead of Sales Representative will communicate directly with our customers all through project. Our Project Managers can flexibly adapt to the customers' time for communication.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
We requests a deposit of 20% of the quoted cost during project startup and the remaining 80% due upon final completion which follows a review of the project by the client. Berheley tries to keep project time to 30 business days maximum, but project scope and the nature of work required will determine the final turnaround time.
Andy Zain
Menara Mas Internet, CEO
Help to update a RSS website which is a very complex website.
Greg Ross
Mygirl Costume Company, CEO
E-commerce website improvement, payment way.
Daniel Ron
Coronas44, CEO
Update yahoo store
Responsive Technologies  | Elance

Responsive Technologies