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Rick Natkin

Have Pen - Will E-Travel -- Screenwriter - Novels
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I've been a professional screenwriter with produced credits since before the Bears won a Super Bowl. What makes me a good writer? I'm never bored. Anything can interest me. And I make my interest contagious. Good writing has a solid voice and a point of view. But talent is only the first step. The hard work takes craft, experience, discipline. I demand the best from myself. And I listen to my readers. If it ain't on the page for them, you better sit back down and keep typing, Bud. I write screenplays, mostly. Feature films, TV movies, mini-series; a dozen produced films, over 100 paid script gigs. Fiction: short stories, a novel, copywriting, research. Am I best for your project? Let's talk; we’ll figure it out. Unless I feel certain I am right for your assignment, I will pass – why waste anyone's time? But if I tell you I can deliver, nobody will do it better.

EDUCATION: pre-Med at Yale, transferred to University of Arizona for work experience at PBS TV station, KUAT. Phi Kappa Phi
Service Description

PRODUCED FILMS: Football comedy NECESSARY ROUGHNESS, police thriller GANG IN BLUE, HBO film caper THE HEIST, Vietnam War dramas BOYS IN COMPANY C and PURPLE HEARTS, CBS TV Pilot PROWLER, HBO flick THE SEVEN MARTINI LUNCH, Family Channel movie LOST TREASURE of DOS SANTOS. See RICK NATKIN entry on imdb.com for some produced credits: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0622355/

Clients include: Paramount, Universal, Sony, United Artists, Columbia, Warner Brothers, Viacom, HBO, Showtime, 20th Century Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, The Ladd Company, Golden Harvest, Bakula Productions, Nelson Entertainment, The Family Channel, and many others.

Extensive list of writing credits available in my portfolio
University of Arizona
BFA - Film & TV Production
Yale University
Arizona Lead & Ink, Inc.
Writer & President
1982 - Present
I am owner of California corporation Arizona Lead & Ink, Inc. No, we don't sell pencils and pens. This is my "LOAN OUT" company, it provides my creative services; writing, producing, consulting, editing, etc.
Rick Natkin - Freelance Writer
Self-Employed Writer
1975 - 1982
I became a “professional” self-employed free-lance writer when I sold a screenplay written while I was at Yale. I worked as an individual freelancer until 1983, when I incorporated my business as ARIZONA LEAD & INK, Inc.
Payment Terms
Like Hunter S. Thompson, I prefer to be paid in gold Krugerrands. But other methods are acceptable. My individual proposals provide specific pay milestones as appropriate to each project’s requirements.
Rick Natkin | Elance

Rick Natkin