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Robyn Landis

Virtuoso marketing-communications writer/designer
   United States
  |   Tucson, AZ
  |  5:02 pm Local Time


A sought-after high-level communications pro. Unparalleled wordcraft, diamond-sharp editing, and clean graphics by an insightful, meticulous professional. Virtuosic writing wizardry, excellence and integrity to make you shine. Author of two bestselling nonfiction books (Warner Books); editor of many more. An exquisitely articulate, internationally-published writer and artist with decades of experience.

I've written every kind of marketing/information piece imaginable (full list under Services) for print and web. I'm a precise, rigorous, and sensitive editor; inspired content creator; intuitive designer; and unsurpassed proofreader.

My two books were published in five countries (200,000 in print). I've won 55+ songwriting awards. As a businessperson AND artist, I bring smarts and heart to every project.

Hundreds of absolutely thrilled clients have entrusted their material to me for skillful, compelling, exceptional words and layout that sing and convince. They'll say so.
Service Description

You want to be the best--so you want the best and most experienced writer, editor, and designer. I deliver. Inform, educate, persuade, impress, sell, motivate--with fresh, lucid, compelling copy and layout. I will tell your story, in your voice, with the most impeccable and professional presentation possible. Whether one page or 1000, your material will be outstanding—and stylistically appropriate down to every detail.

Want details? Read on, and enjoy your visit to my profile.
I have nearly three decades of public relations, communications, marketing, and hands-on creative experience to devote to your project and goals.

(Yes—I started early. I began college at 16, studying film and journalism, and was PR manager of a Fortune 500 company at the age of 19. My first full-length magazine article was published when I was 16. I wrote my first rhyming poem at age four. I was immersed in words early on, and they've been both work and artistic expression for me throughout my life.)

Today, I'm a dynamic marketing-communications pro who offers a diverse range of services, drawing on extensive expertise writing for print, web, email marketing, publishing, and more. I can write or design ANY print piece, from a press release to a brochure to a book. And I'll do it on time, with superior quality miles ahead of the rest.

I am a masterful communicator with a powerful command of language. I am an exceptionally exacting, demanding and meticulous editor, and work terrifically with long manuscripts. Count on the three Cs: convincing, creative, coherent. I'm fast and thorough.

I am adept at managing multiple projects, working reliably with autonomy, and serving on a team.

I shine at:
• condensing information coherently and cohesively;
• distilling complex concepts for mainstream users;
• writing to inform, inspire, persuade, motivate;
• matching or creating a voice, tone and flavor;
• organizing and building flow and synergy between pieces and sections;
• providing focus and framing;
• summarizing;
• developing greater depth;
• eliminating ALL errors, inconsistencies and ambiguities.

My proofreading is IMPECCABLE, meticulous, and instinctive. I'm the ultimate grammarian. I'll catch stuff that virtually no one else does.

I'm fantastic at condensing, distilling, consolidating, and integrating. Got the proverbial shoebox full of material? I'll turn it into something cogent, strong, clear and beautiful.

Another benefit to you: DESIGN. I'm not only a writer and editor, but also an inspired and competent graphic layout artist who's designed brochures and flyers, manuals and guides, CD packaging and logos, web banners and ads, reports and trade show displays, posters and press name it!

THE COOL THING: you get TWO workers in one with me. If I'm designing for you, I can also proof your copy. If I'm editing for you, I can also lay out the material or add art or design the cover. Why deal with two contractors when you can have one?

I've worked for agencies, private companies, nonprofits, and government. My years as a freelancer, along with full-time positions as communications director, public information officer and editor, offer perspective from all angles of a business.

I am a creative and dynamic thinker who can work with your concept or help you come up with one. I'm able to see the big picture, then drill deep down to the vital details.

I'm an attentive and perceptive listener, quick to grasp the core kernels of the message/purpose. I am able to learn any topic or business--including YOURS--rapidly and deeply. I have an intuitive comprehension of issues, and can evolve and emerge gems and key points out of the fog and out of piles of material.

Harnessing your ideas and messages, giving them clarity and life and power, and making them reach out and touch people is what it's all about!

I ENJOY getting the words (and the colors!) just right, and I'm passionate about it. I love to make things not only work well, but make them *beautiful,* whether with words, graphics or both. I'll enjoy and care about your project (I won't bid otherwise) and I'll do my best to make sure you enjoy the process too!

I really dig what I do because I learn so much about so many topics in the process of writing and editing material about others' businesses and passions.

My own top areas of knowledge range from health, fitness and natural healing to spiritual growth to the environment/sustainability to music (I'm an award-winning songwriter as well). Topically, I've specialized in those arenas, but have proven my ability to write engagingly and exquisitely on any subject.

I'll make sure your material flows, sparkles, sets you apart and establishes you as professional, distinctive, and successful. Your messages will pop, your copy will sing, and your graphics will be both effective and aesthetically pleasing.

My publications as a journalist have included The Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Vegetarian Times, Boston Magazine, Washington Magazine, Pacific Northwest magazine, and Spin Magazine. I wrote two bestselling health books published by Warner Books (in five countries, selling over 200,000 copies.)

Online I've been published by LiveStrong, Common Dreams, and Center for a New American Dream; I also maintain websites as an author, musician and memoir writer.

I just spent two years in the personal/spiritual growth "space" as a Communications Director for a well-known spiritual teacher. I wrote scores of email marketing campaigns, online content, sales pages, curriculum and more; developed products (courses, meditation programs, retreats)—for Inc. Magazine's #2 fastest-growing online educational company.

I am flexible and hard-working. As a bonus, I'm responsive, mature, a good communicator, reasonable, respectful, authentic, ethical and good-natured.

Please contact me about your needs—no job is too big or too small. You'll have my full attention and care. You can count on my integrity and reliability as well as my talent and skill.

Check out my top rankings on eLance tests! TOP 5% in business writing, TOP 1% in English word usage and English skills, and top-ranked Chicago Style expert! High scores in all editing tests taken.

I urge you: if you don't feel confident you'd catch errors in a contractor's own profile, get a second opinion. Check eLance tests (for me, and for any contractor you're considering). If a contractor is self-rated rather than officially tested, be wary. I say this not as a competitor, but because I care about how our profession is represented. In my opinion, eLance should require all contractors to take tests to ensure minimum proficiency in the talent pool. There's nothing less fair than for you to pay an "editor" who will leave errors in your material. For long jobs, I'm always wiling to test-edit a page or two.

I genuinely look forward to working with you.

• ads
• annual reports
• brochures
• business cards
• case studies
• CD packaging
• charts
• conference materials
• curriculum
• email marketing campaigns
• e-newsletters
• Facebook posts
• fact sheets
• FAQs
• flyers
• fundraising material
• grants
• headlines
• infographics
• LinkedIn profiles
• logos
• magazine articles
• manuals/guides
• memoirs
• messaging
• mission and vision statements
• newspaper articles
• online articles
• pamphlets/booklets
• postcards
• posters
• Powerpoint presentations
• press kits
• press releases
• print newsletters
• proposals
• PSAs
• reports
• research
• resumes
• slogans
• songs
• speeches/public speaking outlines
• surveys
• trade show displays
• video scripts
• websites/web pages
• workbooks
Boston University
Bachelor of Science in Film, with Journalism minor
Integral Enlightenment/Evolving Wisdom
Communications Director
2012 - 2014
Developed and oversaw written marketing and program delivery communications for leading evolutionary spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton and his Integral Enlightenment work. Wrote entire email marketing campaigns for multiple courses, retreats and products; helped develop new course products (such as meditation programs from content to design to packaging to marketing); wrote sales pages; designed and art-directed banners, postcards, web mockups, brochure and web pages. Edited curriculum communications to students and other course delivery material. Planned and consulted on messaging and content strategy. Developed course material into article and blog content.
Multiple Clients
Freelance Writer and Graphic Designer
2006 - 2012
For a variety of clients, write and edit web copy; write and design brochures, manuals, guides, fact sheets, logos, grants, fundraising/press material, curriculum, ads, posters, and more; design CD packaging. Clients have included include Washington Toxics Coalition, OneWorld 2011, Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians, Facing The Future, Bob Walsh Enterprises, Oregon 211 Info, and The University of Arizona.
University of Arizona
2011 - 2011
Wrote and designed participant and instructor manuals that teach medical and allied health professionals to conduct effective tobacco cessation interventions. Wrote, edited, and designed other program materials as assigned.
Development/Communications Director
2005 - 2006
A six-month contract for a political nonprofit promoting education and activism for progressive leadership and policy. Wrote grants; compiled research on grants and foundations; developed a fundraising plan and calendar; developed, wrote, and edited member/donor newsletters; assisted with the rewrite and redesign of web pages; developed talking points for volunteer fundraising committee; developed basic p.r. materials (bio, fact sheets, goals, accomplishments); wrote action alerts; other communications material and web content as needed.
Public Information Officer
1993 - 2005
• Developed, managed, and implemented all external communications, public information, and consumer education campaigns, materials and processes; • Established messages and oversaw their integration into program communications statewide and nationally; • Conceived, wrote, designed, and supervised production of most external communications , public information, and promotional material: brochures, guides, newsletters, fact sheets, conference materials, news releases and press kits, logos, posters, speeches/ speaking outlines, PowerPoint presentations, surveys, ads, displays, and more; • Developed and maintained content of program web pages; • Wrote grant proposals securing hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal grant awards; • Wrote and produced videos and public service announcements; • Managed publication translations into multiple languages; • Acted as decisionmaker on communications and publications policy for the program; • Developed statewide standards for sponsor/partner materials and their usage; • Acted as lead editor for materials being created by other statewide and national agencies; • Led team and agency effort to maintain statewide consistency in publications, communications and curriculum; • Acted as liaison between our program and the rest of the agency, particularly the Public Affairs department, managing complex relationships, mediating differences, and bringing diverse groups together; • Represented the Director on agency committees; • Supervised one publications assistant
Author and Creator
1990 - 1993
• Developed and delivered educational workshops on eating to "fuel" the body. • Presented workshops and seminars to corporations, schools, athletes, and physicians; program was adopted by several executive retreat programs. • Provided personal consulting/coaching/mentoring to individual clients, and worked with other educators to improve health education curricula. • Author of numerous articles and two popular books, both published by Warner Books (BodyFueling, 1994, over 100,000 copies in print in 5 countries; and Herbal Defense, 1997, over 40,000 copies in print in 3 countries). • Wrote and designed promotional and presentation materials and graphics. • Designed and maintain own BodyFueling website.
Northwest Strategies
Senior Writer
1989 - 1991
Chief copywriter, editor, desktop publisher for a Seattle public affairs firm. Wrote and designed press and information kits, newsletters, direct mail, brochures, fliers, ads, slide shows, overheads, announcements, handbooks and other communications pieces for public affairs campaigns. Developed collateral materials from start to finish-producing concept proposals, cost estimates, design/copy drafts, mock-ups, and camera-ready artwork. Purchased printing.
Payment Terms
I will work on an hourly basis or flat fee via Escrow. I prefer hourly. With flat fee projects over $500, I expect a down payment, typically at least 30%, to be negotiated at the time of contract. I propose fees I think are fair and reasonable, but if you think I'm a good match, let's talk. Rates are negotiable *within reason.* I'm well worth my rates, but am often willing to come down in budget for the right project that piques my interest and creativity.

~ “Robyn is AMAZING! Smart, great writer, meticulous work, and a terrific communicator. Project turned out better than I ever expected! Will absolutely work with her again and recommend her highly to my closest friends.”
—Maryaloha (eLance client)
Mary Kelly
Mary Kelly, Mary Kelly
Robyn is a published author, is very smart and she writes well.  She doesn't just make graphics changes, she actually THINKS about the material and makes substantive suggestions.  She is redesigning my business cards, and she did the graphics and formatting of my workbook. She also keeps me on task better than anyone. I think she is extremely talented and can do anything.
Bob Walsh
Bob Walsh / OneWorld 2011, President/CEO
Wrote web copy for two different websites, plus numerous articles and blog posts. Posted on LinkedIn by Bob Walsh (founder with Ted Turner of the Goodwill Games): “Robyn is an excellent writer and editor, and is extremely creative. I recommend her highly. She has done many different projects for us and we have been very happy. She is smart and very worldly!” Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative Bob Walsh, hired Robyn more than once
Robyn Landis | Elance

Robyn Landis