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Rhianna Feis

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My name is Rhianna and I am one of the most passionate people that you will ever meet. I thrive on being reliable and efficient. I have a background in both political science and criminal justice. I have been writing my entire life as well, diving into a variety of genres. I am at the proficient level, or above, in Microsoft Office programs and I type at around 70 WPM. I can multitask and carry a high workload on my shoulders, but I am always sure to provide the best quality of work. I believe that this is because I don't just see the projects that I complete as work, I see them as a direct reflection of me and my dedication to all that I do. I'd love to help you complete a project, it does not matter whether it is large or small. You'll have my word that it will be done in a timely manner, and with the highest amount of quality possible. I look forward to working with you!
Service Description
I can confidently say that I possess high quality skills in a variety of service areas.

I consider myself to be beyond proficient with social media, and I enjoy managing these type of accounts. I am confident in my ghostwriting and creative content skills, but I am also willing to work with pre-planned content and posts.

I have worked extensively with many clients looking for administrative support as well.
Some of my duties have included:
-Managing and updating schedules
-Managing email accounts and client communication
-Managing travel itineraries and accommodations

I have also worked with a lot of clients looking for help with their personal relationships. Some of my duties have included:
-writing articles on dating, or answering questions regarding dating advice
-managing client's online dating network and scheduling dates with men/women who fit their dating niche

I have also had a great deal of experience in event planning, duties include:
-wedding planning
-party planning
-business convention planning

I have a passion for writing in general, but I feel that I really excel at informative articles and posts. I am comfortable writing articles, blog posts, journals, etc...on a wide variety of topics.
Colorado State University
2007 - 2012
District Attorney's Office
Administrative Assistant
2012 - Present
White House Black Market
Sales Associate
2012 - 2012
Payment Terms
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Rhianna Feis | Elance

Rhianna Feis