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Rod M.

Expert Python & C++
   United States
  |   Altadena, CA
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Rod Morison Software specializes in Python apps and webapps, backend scripts and task servers, and high performance C/C++ applications. Past web projects include Django, Pylons/Pyramid and Google AppEngine stacks. App projects include servers and GUI apps in Python and C++ using wxPython/wxWidgets, Boost C++ Libs, libcurl, etc. on OSX, Windows and Linux.

RMS also develops hosting/deploy solutions on Linux and Solaris/SmarOS (see with github/bitbucket (or in-house repos) using Python Fabric.
Service Description
Rod Morison Software is a custom software development and systems design firm. We specialize in Python and C++ technologies using the most advance development technologies available. Our primary platform is Linux for web and network server applications. However, we also have experience in cross platform portability and low-level Win32 APIs.
California Institute of Technology
Computational and Applied Mathematics
1979 - 1983
Payment Terms
Per project or by hour bids
Net 30 terms
Bill Michalek
360 Systems, Manager, Engineering Programs
Designed and built embedded Linux distro from kernel source. Implemented distro install CD. Wrote Linux device drivers for sensor i/o and RAID monitoring. Debugged PCI IRQ hangs and ACPI problems.
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Rod M.